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SUV Skoda Kodiak “pulls” with his engine

With a maximum of 180 liters. With. You can leave from any place with unstable soil. Another thing is if you have 150 or even 125 hp under the hood. With. Everything will depend on the workload of the crossover.

A low-power engine, multiplied by a lower ground clearance under load, will significantly reduce cross-country ability. Beforehand, it makes sense to plan a route bypassing the main pits if several people or a load equal to them are expected in the cabin.

Given the low consumption within 7 l / 100 km, it makes no sense to take a car with a low-power engine to save fuel. If you need to unleash the potential of a rogue, then the 150 hp engine. With. the minimum milestone when buying a Skoda Kodiaq. There is a good balance between power and all-wheel drivewhich in combination gives a crossover capable of overcoming mud, sand and snow.



Unclaimed “kopeck piece”

The petrol two-liter 2.0 CZPA of the EA888 series (180 hp) shines on warranty repairs less often for one simple reason – Skoda Kodiaq with this engine is more expensive than everyone else, so they are not bought so often. Naturally, he also has some weak points.

For example, a chain.  Although she managed to increase her resource

For example, a chain. Although she managed to increase her resource to 150 tkm, it’s still, you see, quite a bit in order to call her “eternal”.

Most of all, in the latest generation of the EA888 GEN3b motor, cases of failure of the oil pump with a two-stage pressure control system are alarming. Naturally, in this case, the hand of hunger for oil reaches the upper parts of the internal combustion engine, primarily lifting up the camshaft supports. And in the practice of checking a car before buying, I have already come across cars with the same problem with the pump and the consequences of its failure. The only thing was not with the Kodiak, with the Audi A6 with the engine of the same series:

The pump on the 2-liter gasoline Skoda Kodiaq turned out to be not ready for high operating temperatures, the body warps over time and the antifreeze gets the will to free fall to protect the engine. Yes, Skoda Kodiaq is the kind of car that you should sometimes look under for leaked working fluids.

Approximate turbine life 2.0 TSI - 150-200 tons
Approximate turbine life 2.0 TSI – 150-200 tkm, depending on the quality of service and fuel. Needless to say, all modern VAG units are demanding in this regard

Otherwise, the 2.0-litre TSI CZPA is relatively trouble-free and pleases with good and even traction and, unlike many other versions of the EA888, very moderate oil consumption. True, diesel is still better.

There are “invisible” improvements

However, not all metamorphoses can be seen with the naked eye. At the same time, Czechs are naturally proud of some of these. So, for the first time in history, expensive versions of the Kodiak were “shipped” with matrix headlights. And the usual LED optics was included in the list of basic equipment.

Crossover lights were also not limited to changing shape. In addition to a couple of new facets, the Skoda team added previously inaccessible functionality. Starting from the second version from the bottom Ambitionrear optics flaunts dynamic direction indicators, which in addition provide a welcome animation.

The optional digital instrument cluster has 5 display modes.

The optional digital instrument cluster has 5 information display modes.

New mid-range speakers settled in the casing

New mid-range speakers have settled in the front door trims.

Among the non-obvious interior changes – improved interface and graphics of the optional 10.25-inch electronic tidy; illumination of all storage compartments and compartments without exception, as well as a couple of additional mid-range speakers of premium Canton acoustics.

And all the updated Kodiaks got a bay

And all the updated Kodiaks got the filler neck of the washer reservoir from the Simply Clever line.

Is there a place to put your phone?

There is, and it will even be charged “by air” – of course, if it can. Before selector DSGThere is a wireless charging pad. Next to the traditional USB— connector. Thanks for not the new Type-C. However, the transition to a new standard is only a matter of time.

Volkswagen branded armrest adjustsVolkswagen branded armrest is adjustable in angle and moves forward. This is the most comfortable design I’ve come across.Volkswagen branded armrest is adjustable in angle and moves forward. This is the most comfortable design I’ve come across.

Bad luck – glass shattered

Everything that we have already talked about is actually far from the most popular and discussed problems of the Skoda Kodiaq. Most of the attention was deservedly taken over by cases of completely causeless self-destruction of the rear window. This is when you just stand next to the car, you understand that now absolutely nothing is happening and nothing threatens your car, and the glass of the trunk lid just takes and crumbles from Kodiak.

Glass defect.  This is the name of the main version

Glass defect. This is the name of the main version of the reason for what is happening. Moreover, only cars with Sisecam glasses were seen in this behavior. Eminent AGC glasses do not allow themselves this, though they are more expensive. I think the owners are willing to pay a little more, just not to worry about the fact that one day a glass crumb can completely unexpectedly cover everything that is in the trunk.

Everything else may seem like a trifle to you, but it’s still better to familiarize yourself with all the weak points of the Skoda Kodiaq before you buy it on the secondary market.

Anti-shock door lining protects the neighboring car
Anti-shock door lining protects the next car, but not yours

For example, many did not like the fact that the shockproof door linings, when opening and closing, shove the paint on the body. That is, the neighbor’s car is well protected from you, while your own car locally loses its paintwork. It’s like kissing a black foot when you’re a normal white person, just working and developing.

Real miracles or just tricks happen with rear lighting. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the reason for the entry of representatives of the insect order into the internal cavities of the rear lights:

The front optics are almost problem-free, if not

The front optics are practically problem-free, except for the fact that LED headlights can have bouts of clouding of the lens after the condensate dries in it:

Skoda Kodiaq has been on sale in Russia for quite some time

Skoda Kodiaq in Russia has been on sale for a long time to understand how it winters in our climate. Overall, not bad. But the rear is haunted again. In cars with an electric trunk lid, the door may jam in winter, it may not close or open. Most often, to eliminate it, you just have to wait for warming. Again, in winter, the opening button usually also fails.

Suitable for a family?

“The car is good, but not catchy,” was the wife’s verdict. It’s all about design. Skoda, and many models of the concern Volkswagenusually scolded for excessive rigor in interior design and even boring design. Here, perhaps, I will step back from ratings, because design is a matter of taste. Someone needs that same rigor and that nothing distracts. And someone, on the contrary, needs emotions. They are missing in the interior – yes.

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The Kodiak has a seven-seat version. And for a large family, this is perhaps the best choice of everything that is on the market today. If, of course, the budget allows. In a five-seat version Kodiaqwill also please. First of all, space. Two child seats with fastening isofixon the second row – easily. And at the same time, an adult passenger will be accommodated between them with relative comfort. Provided Isofix and in the front seat.

It’s also one of the few cars where I didn’t have to set the back of the driver’s seat upright to allow the child behind me to sit comfortably in a reclining position in the child seat. HyundaiSantaFe, KiaSorentoPrimeor MitsubishioutlanderYou won’t find that much space in any of them.

Only Largus will be ahead

The advanced assembly line age did not at all prevent the pre-reform Kodiak from making a good cash desk for its manufacturer in Russia: the first half of 2021, the crossover finished on the 20th line of the best-selling models in our market, dispersing 12.5 thousand copies and ahead of even the Octavia .

As for direct competitors, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan and Kia Sportage turned out to be more popular than Kodiak. But none of these cars is seven-seater. It is not for nothing that customers of the older segment, in which the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe rule the show, look towards Skoda.

Forecast? Restyling can be considered successful, but it is hardly able to change the balance of power. The Kodiaq, with a refreshed face and a new set of options, will remain at the end of the second ten of the market chart. At the same time, he is the second most popular (after the Largus) car that can be ordered with a seven-seater saloon.

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