Video reviews and test drives of the new Chery Tiggo 3 2023 in Moscow

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The doors to the salon open very nicely, no crickets and other extraneous sounds, it closes well too, with a dull sound. The interior trim is pleasant, but the materials are not expensive. The steering wheel is adjustable only for tilt, unfortunately it is not adjustable for reach, and it can be a problem for some to adjust the seat and steering column for themselves. The armrest in the car is comfortable, deep enough, but it is not clear why the Chinese placed the front seat heating buttons inside the armrest. The cup holders are on the center console, they are not big, but a bottle of water should fit.

The seat is combined, from two materials. Side support made of eco-leather, there is a very beautiful stitching.

On the center console is a 6.5-inch touch screen. It is well readable, but unfortunately glossy, it will get dirty. Below is the climate control, USB, cigarette lighter and 12V socket.

The dashboard on it is new, it has a speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer screen. Everything reads very well, only the inverted numbers do not look very good.

Music control buttons on the left side of the steering wheel, handsfree control and cruise control on the right side.

It is convenient to sit back in the salon, the doors open wide. There is not much space in the back, with a height of seventy meters there is enough space, but if a person is tall, then his knees will rest. The seat is very short, I would like more authentic. The back is not molded, just soft, nothing special. At the back there is an armrest, quite comfortable, it has 2 cup holders.

There is a pocket in the door where you can also insert a bottle, a speaker, a door opening handle, which, unfortunately, is plastic, and a beet lifter control button. In general, everything looks very good.

The rear door has a spare wheel and parking sensors. The door opens on the left side. For our traffic conditions, this is not very convenient, but the Chinese decided so. The trunk is of an acceptable size, under the mat there is a jack compartment and 2 compartments on the sides. To fold the rear seats, you need to pull the tab at the bottom of the backrest from the trunk and tilt it forward, just like the second backrest. After that, you can remove the shelf. A flat floor in the trunk does not work, you can put a long length in it, perhaps not very heavy.



What is so new done inside the Chinese? The doors open very nicely, without characteristic crickets. The interior trim itself is very pleasant, but as it is immediately clear – inexpensive.

The steering wheel is adjustable only for tilt, unfortunately, there is no function for reach. This can be a big problem for some people. The armrest next to the driver is also not adjustable, but is deep. It remains a mystery to the Chinese soul why they placed the front seat heating buttons inside this armrest.

The seats are combined – eco-leather and fabric with a characteristic bright stitching. Including chairs have a pronounced lateral support.

The center console houses a six-inch

On the center console is a six-inch touch screen display, which is quite readable. Unfortunately, the screen is glossy, so it will get very dirty during use. Below are the climate control buttons, a cigarette lighter and a 12 V socket.

The dashboard is new. It houses the speedometer and tachometer, as well as the on-board computer screen. Everything is very readable.

It is very convenient to sit back, as the door swings open very well. Unfortunately, there is not much space in the back, so if a tall person sits down, then the knees will rest. The seat is very short, so the legs lift up a little, for this reason it will be uncomfortable to ride in this position for a long time. The backs are regular, not molded, just straight. For the convenience of rear passengers, there is an armrest with built-in cup holders. And that is all.


Despite the fact that at the end of 2019 the manufacturer released two updated configurations, their withdrawal did not affect the technical characteristics of the car. As before, under the hood of Chery Tiggo 3 is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine, whose performance is 126 “horses” and torque – 160 N * m. Paired with it is the installation of a manual transmission for 5 gears or a continuously variable variator. In this variation, the cross is able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 14 seconds, which is a very mediocre result. The maximum speed of the car is 175 km / h. In any version of the Chery Tiggo 3 is available with front-wheel drive.

As for the running parameters of the model, its

As for the running parameters of the model, its suspension is completely independent and, like for most similar models, it involves the installation of front MacPherson struts and a rear wishbone system. According to the data stated by the manufacturer, they have carried out work to unify the chassis settings, so that the cross will feel confident on any road surface. The braking system of the SUV is represented by front and rear disc brakes, as well as a manual parking brake.

The main dimensions and parameters of the cross:

The main dimensions and parameters of the cross:

  1. Body dimensions – 4419 x 1765 x 1651 mm.
  2. Number of seats – 5.
  3. Weight – from 1380 to 1480 kg.
  4. Clearance – 190 mm.
  5. Fuel tank capacity – 55 liters.
  6. Free trunk space – from 550 liters.

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Operation in the city and on the road

Chery Tiggo 3 2021 can be safely called a typical urban SUV. Its compact dimensions, as well as not too serious technical characteristics, suggest that the cross will be operated mainly in urban areas. Long-distance trips will not be tolerated too easily, since the equipment of the car does not provide for a lot of services that increase the comfort of passengers.

But in terms of off-road capabilities, we can note

But in terms of off-road abilities, it can be noted that the crossover, albeit in part, is still endowed with them. We are talking about a fairly good level of clearance, which allows you to overcome obstacles on the road, so driving on a dirt road will not cause any difficulties for the car owner. However, it is impossible to test it in full-fledged off-road conditions, with a “limp” road or on sand. The lack of a high-torque motor, all-wheel drive and a reduction gear will not allow the crossover owner to conquer difficult road conditions.


Speaking about the exterior of this model, we can call it classic as for a representative of the SUV class. In general, the SUV has a lot in common with the body design of the previous generation Toyota RAV4. The front of the cross received a neat hexagonal grille filled with small “honeycombs” cells. The air intake is similar, which is located in the front bumper, immediately below the place for attaching the car’s license plate. The side part is completely classical, devoid of any non-standard elements or solutions. The feed is allocated due to the installation of a large tailgate, on which the spare wheel is placed.

The interior is also quite difficult to find any

It is also quite difficult to find any non-standard solutions in the interior. The central panel will receive a classic console with an installed multimedia system display, as well as an air conditioning control unit. The instrument panel will be analog, and a minimum of buttons will be displayed on the multimedia steering wheel to control individual features. The chairs turned out to be quite good with a comfortable fit and high-quality lateral support. The rear sofa itself is of fairly good quality, but there will obviously be no legroom for passengers if three people sit at the back at once. In general, we can say that better materials were chosen for the decoration, and the cabin itself now lacks the previously characteristic phenolic smell.

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Taking into account the fact that the compact SUV segment is regularly replenished with new representatives, Chery’s management completely restyled the SUV in a timely manner, and also brought to the market more “fresh” equipment, allowing the car to remain relevant and in demand as a compact crossover in China. Speaking about which models can be considered competitors of Chery Tiggo 3 2021, one cannot fail to name Hyundai Creta and KIA Seltos, Renault Capturas well as the Russian Lada XRay.