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The seventh generation sedan is based on the Korean K3 platform. The new “trolley” made the car even safer, lighter and easier to drive. MacPherson struts are placed in the front part, and a semi-independent torsion beam provides the functioning of the rear part. It has front and rear stabilizers. The use of K3 was a decisive factor in determining the future model. However, new bumpers made their contribution, slightly increasing the parameters.


  • length – 4 650 mm;
  • width – 1 825 mm;
  • height – 1 430 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2,720 mm.

Claimed load limit is 395 kilos

The declared load limit is 395 kilograms with a vehicle weight of 1,355 kilograms. Trunk volume will depend on the availability of a spare wheel – 402 or 474 liters. The fuel tank is not designed for long trips, but for driving in the city or on federal highways, a volume of 47 liters will be enough.

The engine range turned out to be predictable:

The engine range turned out to be predictable:

  • 1.6-liter 128 hp;
  • 2.0-liter 150 hp

Regardless of the chosen engine, Elantra refueling

Regardless of the engine chosen, Elantra is refueled with AI-92 gasoline, which makes maintenance somewhat cheaper. It was reported that the sedan will be presented with both manual and automatic. But, dealerships received modifications only with an “automatic”. It is possible that automatic transmissions will arrive later.

Fuel type Gasoline

Fuel type Petrol
Power 128 HP at 6300 rpm.
Torque 155 Nm at 4850 rpm.
Engine location Front, transverse
Engine capacity 1591 cm 3
Number of cylinders four
Cylinder position inline
Number of valves per cylinder four
Fuel system Multi-point indirect injection
Turbine Not



As power units, the car received two types of in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engines that meet environmental safety standards, Euro-5 class:

  1. 1.6-liter 128-horsepower naturally aspirated engine that accelerates the sedan to 200 km/h. Acceleration time to hundreds is 10.1 seconds. The average consumption of gasoline is 6.5 liters for every 100 kilometers.
  2. The 2-liter engine with the issuance of 150 “horses” of power accelerates the car to 205 km / h. Acceleration time to 100 kilometers is 8.8 seconds. Gasoline consumption per hundred in city / highway driving mode does not exceed 7 liters.

As a transmission for Hyundai Elantra installed

As a transmission, the Hyundai Elantra is equipped with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed “automatic”. In all versions, the car received front-wheel drive with a classic independent front suspension and a semi-independent rear with a torsion beam. For all cars, the manufacturer provides an official guarantee for a period of 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers.

As the main technical characteristics of the gray

The following indicators can be distinguished as the main technical characteristics of the sedan:

  1. Body dimensions – 4620 x 1800 x 1450 mm.
  2. Wheelbase – 2700 mm.
  3. The ride height is 150 mm.
  4. Number of doors/seats – 4/5.
  5. Vehicle weight – 1355 kg.
  6. Permissible gross weight – 1800 kg.
  7. Fuel tank capacity – 50 liters.
  8. The free space of the luggage compartment is 458 liters.

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From the front, the car looks aggressive, showing a wide grille and wedge-shaped headlights. The coupe-shaped roof, the slope of the front glass and the directional lines of the relief characterize the high aerodynamic properties of the model. The ascending line of the side windows adds to the swiftness of the image. Wheel arches of the correct radius do not stand out at all from the general background and are organically combined with the rest of the body elements. The concept is complemented by taillights and an original bumper layout.

Inside, everything looks comfortable and elegant.  Worth about

Inside, everything looks comfortable and elegant. It is worth noting the good quality of finishing materials and a high level of assembly. The convenient location of the console and front panel controls provides free access for motorists to the main options of the car. The front seats have pronounced lateral support, and the high seating position provides good visibility from the passenger compartment while driving. There is enough space for three people in the back row of seats, but the protruding transmission tunnel will make the average passenger feel uncomfortable.

There is enough space in the trunk to carry a manual

There is enough space in the trunk to carry hand luggage. Thanks to the ability to fold the rear seats in a ratio of 40/60, its volume can be increased if necessary, which will allow you to move large enough loads.

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