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What Russian-made summer tires to choose?

Many foreign companies open their factories in our country. However, below is a rating of summer tire manufacturers of completely Russian companies.

  1. Cordiant products have earned the most confidence from car owners. The All Terrain model will not let you down in any weather, it is used in various temperature conditions. They are quite quiet and wear resistant. Cheap summer tire ratings regularly place these SUV tires at the top of the list.
  2. Contyre Megapolis III is in second place. The tread pattern here is unusual. It makes the car more stable on wet surfaces. With them, maneuvering at speed becomes more predictable. Developed shoulder area reduces rubber overheating. But braking is below optimal values, as is directional stability.
  3. Kama Euro 228. They are installed on most domestic cars, including Chevrolet Niva. Rubber is resistant to abrasion, clings well to the road and performs well on unpaved surfaces. It is also the best summer tire for sedans and other popular cars.
  4. Yaroslavl Tire Plant is the best manufacturer of summer tires for domestic SUVs (if we talk about inexpensive tires). Two models can be distinguished: I-192 and I-471. The first proved to be excellent on rocky roads and in viscous mud, and the second in sandy terrain. I-471 has a higher quality workmanship.
  5. The TOP of the best summer tires for passenger cars of the Russian assembly could not do without the Kama I-502 and I-520. This rubber showed excellent holding on the roadway and decent deceleration. They are often used even on small off-road.

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In addition to European, Japanese and Russian manufacturers, the 2022 summer tire top list would not be complete without representatives from the Chinese tire industry.


What to do if you bought low-quality tires?

Answer of the expert Valentina Alekseevna SmeletsA lawyer in automobile law, an expert on controversial issues of road accidents and car ownership rights. When buying, check the warranty period. If during the warranty period you reveal defects, you will be able to: demand a refund in accordance with clause 1, art. 18 of the Consumer Protection Act; recover the difference between the cost of a defective and a new tire (clause 4, art. 24 of the POCA); demand compensation for damages, if any (para. 1, art. 18 POCA). Even the best summer tires for passenger cars in 2022 may turn out to be of poor quality – manufacturing defects, fakes, etc. The first thing to do is to file a claim with the seller. If the money was not returned and the goods were not exchanged, file a lawsuit.

It is advisable to act with the support of a specialized lawyer.

How to choose the best tires

All tire manufacturers are conditionally divided into classes so that at a glance you can determine where to start choosing.

Moreover, each segment has its own characteristics:

  1. Good and inexpensive. Budget manufacturers closely monitor the market and competitors, so the real quality often exceeds the price and expectations. Availability allows you to borrow tires for used cars or as a temporary solution. When changing such rubber, there is no feeling of loss, because a decent working resource fully covers the low cost
  2. With the best combination of price and quality. The products of these brands border on the premium segment in terms of quality, while they are much more affordable than the world’s giants. Many companies from this group have huge production capacities and complete the cars of the leading automakers in factories.
  3. Dear premiums. The products of these brands are the most technologically advanced, because manufacturers invest heavily in the development of innovative solutions to make tires even more reliable, high-quality and safe.

The purpose of our editorial staff is not just to rank the best rubber manufacturers for cars, but to classify brands for easy perception and identify the most popular and reliable ones.