Tiggo 8 Pro Max. Test drive Chery 8 Pro Max (Chery Tiggo 8) 2022

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The electric drive for opening the trunk is provided for by any ProMax package, the door itself rises quite high.

If all three passenger rows are involved, the volume here is very small, a maximum of several travel bags can be accommodated.

When folding the seat backs, the volume of the cargo compartment increases significantly and can reach 2100 liters.

A 12-volt socket is installed on the right inner lining of the luggage compartment, there is a small false panel below, under which there is a foam plastic organizer with three compartments for travel tools and various little things.

Standard equipment provides for a small-sized spare wheel, the wheel is mounted outside, under the bottom of the car.


Four-wheel drive and driving modes

In the photo: Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max - still cr

In the photo: Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is still a crossover, not an SUV…

Previously, Chery crossovers had only two driving modes – Eco and Sport. Lacked intermediate standard mode. In Tiggo 8 Pro Max, this issue was radically resolved. Now there are six modes to choose from, three of which are off-road. Switching between them is convenient, the round washer lies right under your right hand (in the usual 8 Pro it controls the volume).

The change of modes is accompanied by voice acting of the voice assistant, this can be turned off. It’s funny that one mode has three different names at once: on the central screen you see “Comfort”, on the instrument panel it says Normal, and the voice assistant calls it “Standard”. I would like to bring all this to a single designation.

…but with all-wheel drive, he is ready to overcome

… but with all-wheel drive, it is ready to overcome rough terrain

The difference between modes is noticeable. Moreover, even Eco will not be “vegetable”, with a sharp pressure on the gas, the crossover accelerates very quickly. For everyday driving, the same standard-comfort-normal mode is suitable.

On the sand, we managed to try all the off-road modes. A big plus is that they are here in principle. In the same Exeed TXL, all-wheel drive works only in automatic mode, there are no settings.

In the photo: when driving off-road, it is worth understanding that

In the photo: when driving off-road, you should understand that you don’t really want to get out of the interior of such a car into the mud

Oddly enough, the Pro Max climbed the sandy mountain best in Snow mode. The possibilities of a crossover on such a road were surprising in a good way. Moreover, Cooper summer tires are not at all suitable for such trips.

In general, for a family crossover, such an all-wheel drive and a clearance of 190 mm are enough. But you should not overestimate the car off-road. The “robot” is set to take care of itself, and you have to be careful with the front bumper – at the bottom there is an adaptive cruise control radar.

Complete set Ultimate

In the “Ultimate” configuration, 300 thousand rubles more expensive than the basic “Dreamline” version, Tiggo 8 Pro Max acquires such options as:

  • ventilation of the front seats;
  • air ionizer in the cabin;
  • adjustable lumbar support and memory function settings on the driver’s seat (three positions).

The car additionally receives adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and electronic assistants:

  • lane keeping (LKA) and lane departure warning (LDW);
  • automatic emergency braking (AEB);
  • danger alerts when opening the door (DOW);
  • traffic jam assistance (TJA/ICA).

Also, the car is equipped with an automatic high / low beam switch, and the all-round camera has not only rear, but also front parking sensors.

The interior in this configuration is decorated mainly in brown tones, only the center console, steering wheel, partially door cards and dashboard remain black.