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The trunk compartment of the CS55 Plus boasts a large volume, but its usable area is largely hidden by noticeably protruding wheel arch covers.

There is a spacious niche under the false floor panel, with a small spare tire at the very bottom, and above it there is a foam plastic organizer with recesses for road tools and sections for various trifles, including an emergency stop sign.

Other trunk features:

  • a flashlight is installed on the left side trim;
  • the back door is opened using an external button, and only in the “maximum speed” is an electric drive controlled by a key fob added;
  • the upper storage shelf is soft sliding, so it does not take up much space when folded;
  • the floor panel, which folds in half and can be easily removed, is finished with a soft material on top, but the side skins are hard, made of ordinary plastic.

The two backs of the seats of the second row recline down mechanically, have proportions of 60/40, the left side is wider, and two head restraints are attached to it at once.

When they are folded, a completely flat floor does not work out, but with an increase in the volume of the luggage compartment, it becomes possible to transport fairly large cargo.

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Salon Changan CS35 Plus looks almost … European. But still with national characteristics inherent in manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom. On the one hand, very decent ergonomics and the presence of convenient and useful little things are from Europe. Just one “TV” and pointer devices – also somehow unusual for the new Chinese. On the other hand, soft plastic, complex panel architecture, expensive materials, decent equipment, even in the basic version. This is our way, the Asian way. Like the confusing menu of the media system.

But most importantly, it’s comfortable here! The driver has a decent seat with a wide range of electrical adjustments. Forward visibility is good, and there is a camera in the back. The second row is not striking in space, but a person above average will fit here without problems. Recently, the Chinese have gotten into the habit of making a limousine space behind and depriving the car of any roomy trunk. Changan CS35 Plus is not one of those. Here, the passengers have not been forgotten, and the trunk, by the standards of small crossovers, is not small.

Inside, Changan CS35 Plus can be described as: European practicality with elements of Chinese style.


In the photo: in the cabin, an abundance of monitors can knock you off

In the photo: in the cabin, the abundance of monitors can be confusing, but creates the necessary wow effect

At first glance, the interior of the Uni-K is eye-opening. The abundance of monitors can be confusing, but it creates the necessary wow effect that echoes the bright appearance. However, you quickly get used to it and begin to pay attention to the features and nuances. Let’s start with landing. The front seats are electrically powered and have two-position memory. They pleased with a successful profile, correct load distribution and adjustment ranges. Disappointed with a short pillow and overly developed lateral support rollers. I was comfortable, and larger people should definitely try on the chair before buying. Another feature of my landing was the uselessness of the center armrest. With the right grip on the steering wheel, the elbow does not rest on it and slips.

In the photo: the instrument panel in the crossover Changan Uni-

In the photo: the instrument panel in the Changan Uni-K crossover is located almost under the very window

The steering wheel cut in two planes turned out to be comfortable and sheathed in pleasant leather. The truncated top is needed to read the three displays, located quite high. They have diagonals of 3.5, 10.25 and 9.2 inches. The left display shows tire pressure information, an open door alarm and an all-wheel drive indicator. You cannot change the information or turn it off. The central display is responsible for speed, on-board computer readings, service information and adaptive cruise control. The right display shows a picture from the camera under the spoiler or a tachometer bar in normal mode. In sports – the target of accelerations and decelerations, in economical – data on fuel economy.

I guarantee: most will display a picture from the camera, the rest of the information does not carry a payload. Another reason to take camera readings is that, thanks to the sloping roof and narrow rear window embrasure, almost nothing is visible in the interior rear-view mirror. Apparently, this is why it does not have auto-dimming – the headlights of passing cars do not fall into it. The camera does not get dirty for a long time and has excellent resolution.

In the photo: climate control touch panel

In the photo: the climate control touch panel under the central screen is not without flaws

I will criticize the wide front pillars – not only a pedestrian, but an entire GAZelle can hide behind them. In turns, you have to lean towards the front panel so as not to hook anyone. They level this feature of the all-round camera with excellent resolution and the ability to turn the car as you please. The picture from them is displayed on a 12.3-inch central display, from which all interaction with the machine is carried out. The resolution and performance of multimedia is excellent, and the logic of the system itself will take some getting used to.

The sound of Sony’s vaunted factory “music” with 12 speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk was slightly above average. Lacks bass and volume. Changes in the equalizer settings can improve the sound picture, but this does not save the situation. But the speakers in the headrest of the chair are a great solution. They display the sounds of traffic assistants, turn signals and the voice of the interlocutor when talking on the phone. The rest of the passengers at this time listen to music, without being distracted by the sounds for the driver.

I don’t want to praise the touch control unit for dual-zone climate control. He has the same problems as other similar solutions – you have to be distracted from the road and look for “buttons” for temperature control. Fortunately, the automatic mode works adequately and quietly.


In the photo: the first row of seats of the Changan Uni crossover

In the photo: the first row of seats of the Changan Uni-K crossover

I did not find any other complaints about the front seats. There is enough free space in all directions. Overhead, despite the panoramic roof, there is a margin of fifteen centimeters. The central tunnel is two-story, made of corrugated plastic that does not collect fingerprints and is not scratched by the slightest touch. Wireless charging is in the right place and closes with a micro-lift cover. At hand washer to switch driving modes and turn on all-round cameras. Nearby is the control button for the built-in recorder, an electronic handbrake and two deep cup holders. Slightly above the rocker control of the all-wheel drive clutch. Behind the wheel to be comfortable, comfortable and, importantly, cozy.

In the photo: the second row of seats of the Changan Uni crossover

In the photo: the second row of seats of the Changan Uni-K crossover

In the back row is truly royal space. The wheelbase of 2890 mm allows you to cross your legs. The width of the cabin easily accommodates three large men, but in the middle you will have to sit on a hard cushion. The backrest is adjustable in two positions in a small range. There is a wide central armrest with two cup holders, its own ventilation deflectors, two USB-A ports and sofa heating. The lack of hooks for clothes, a short pillow and legroom for passengers under the front seats became fly in the ointment – autumn shoes are placed back to back.

In the photo: the luggage compartment of the Changan Uni-K crossover

In the photo: the luggage compartment of the Changan Uni-K crossover

The luggage compartment was smaller than expected for such a large car. The declared volume is 351 liters, with the rear sofa backs folded down, it increases by 2.5 times. Under the floor is a set of tools and a “dock”. The soft shelf is attached in three positions, if it is removed, then there is no place for it. No amenities other than lighting. There are no hooks for bags, no niches for a washer canister. Something will hide under the floor, the rest of the things will roll around the trunk. The walls are lined with cheap and easily scratched plastic. The test car has a mileage of 20,000 kilometers, and the upholstery is already all scratched and has an unsightly appearance. In general, the usable volume is enough for meeting friends at the airport and trips to the supermarket, and for overall things there is a GAZelle.

Luxe and Tech equipment

In the more expensive “Lux” configuration, this crossover is additionally equipped with rear seat heating, receives a digital instrument panel with a 10 ”color screen, a multimedia display enlarged to 12.3 inches.

Also added options here:

  • remote engine start;
  • automatic folding exterior mirrors;
  • DVR with 720p resolution;
  • electronic systems: AEB, FCW;
  • Rain sensor;
  • wireless charging of mobile devices.

This equipment option uses a premium Pioneer audio system with six speakers, there is an electrically heated windshield.

Adaptive cruise control is used, 360 ° cameras are installed, and when raindrops appear, the sunroof automatically closes.

In the maximum Tech configuration, the CS55 Plus SUV is endowed with intelligent cruise control, and the function of automatic high / low beam switching (HBA) appears.

Added active safety systems:

  • lane departure warnings;
  • assistance when driving in traffic jams;
  • emergency braking in case of detection of pedestrians;
  • lane keeping.

Also in the top version there is blind spot monitoring, curtain airbags are added.

The car is equipped with an electric tailgate with the possibility of remote opening of the rear door, background lighting of the interior and ceiling lights in the sun visors.

Electric adjustments are received not only by the driver, but also by the front passenger seat (4 directions).