Test drives and reviews of Chevrolet Epica (Chevrolet Epica). Chevrolet Epica

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Immediately looking at the Chevrolet Epica, the photos show a very concise, discreet body and interior. There are no complex elements and advanced functionality. Everything is extremely simple. The manufacturer relied on efficiency, tried to abandon unnecessary elements, saving on this.

As a result, you can automatically draw conclusions from the photo: the car is made for practical people. But at the same time, when compared with other budget cars, the body shape is already a definite plus, which makes the Chevrolet Epica quite attractive, highlighting it from the crowd.


Although the Chevrolet Epica can hardly be called particularly original in terms of body design, there is still an interesting trend here. Auto asymmetrical. The point is that if the front bumper is massive, then the rear bumper is narrow and light. Headlight too: if on the one hand they are massive, and on the other – narrow.

The color will have to be chosen from a restrained palette. There will be no particularly bold decisions here.

This overall car has excellent streamlining. This improves ergonomics. Also, the size of the car itself looks smaller. If the tire is also small, then visually it will be completely invisible car.


Inside, as well as externally, everything is restrained and concise. Inside the Chevrolet Epica there are no design elements or some functionality that you can do without.

In later models, a pleasant, high-quality finish is noted. For this, more expensive materials were used. There will also be a dashboard, multimedia with additional features.

The dashboard has become very functional and can now compete with expensive SUVs. The main plus is that everything is located as conveniently as possible for the driver, so that even while driving you can easily select the necessary levers and buttons.


What are the competitors in this price range?

For comparison, we will take the 2008 Chevrolet Epica with a 2.5 engine and an automatic machine, which is possible in Russia today. This price tag will be adequate for this machine. If you take the option with mechanics on a 2-liter engine manufactured in 2008, you can bargain for a car for 270-290 thousand rubles. And this is in a fairly good condition. So the price tag is really attractive. Let’s see what else you can buy in the Russian Federation for that kind of money at the same age:

    As you can see, the contenders for Epica's place in your ha

    As you can see, there are a lot of contenders for the place of Epica in your garage, and they are all from about the same category. It is worth thinking about and looking for the best car for yourself in terms of mileage, condition, engine and other parameters. Even equipment will sometimes play an important role when choosing a particular vehicle. Pay attention to all the factors to choose exactly the car you dream of. On the budget 300-350 thousand rubles You can list a dozen more worthy models that will become an alternative to Chevrolet.

    Engines and other equipment – what to look for?

    The machine was produced from 2006 to 2013. Most of the 2006-2008 years are represented on the Russian market, and there are also representatives of the 2012 release. All cars were equipped with two engine options – 2.0 and 2.5. For the younger unit, mechanics and automatic were available, and its power was 143 hp. The older 2.5-liter engine was equipped only with an automatic and developed 156 hp. In fact, the difference in the operation of these units is low.

    Here are just a few tips for buyers:

    • if you definitely want an automatic car, you should buy a car with an older 2.5-liter engine, since this particular unit does a good job with an automatic transmission;
    • practicality and durability – the prerogative of the version with a manual gearbox, it, unfortunately, was produced only in combination with a junior 2-liter engine;
    • configurations do not really matter and do not play a role when choosing a particular car on the market, all the configurations of this car were not bad, so you should not concentrate on this;
    • in the technical part, it is worth looking carefully at the steering rack, the condition of the gearbox, as well as the front suspension, repairing even not the most complex damage will be quite expensive;
    • be sure to find out the real mileage of the car, because if it approaches 300,000 km, then the car is no longer worth the money, no matter how much they ask for it, since its condition will be doubtful.

    The car pleases with practicality and convenience in everything

    The car pleases with practicality and convenience in all qualities. But it is quite expensive to maintain. Standard maintenance with the replacement of filters, oils, fluids and a general diagnosis of the condition of the machine will cost the owner about 10,000 rubles if everything is done using original fluids and parts. You can choose analogues, but not all alternative offers on the market are ready to serve as long as factory originals. Some of the parts have to wait a long time.

    car interior

    In the interior of the car, designers have combined modernity and simplicity. The chrome-plated surrounds of the round instruments match the classic black interior. The convenient location of all buttons and control levers on the central panel, made of high quality materials, allow you to feel as comfortable as possible in the driver’s seat.

Regardless of the size of the driver, he can easily adjust the steering column comfortably to himself using the steering wheel tilt and reach adjustment. The driver’s seat is adjusted using electric servos, which are installed in cars with automatic transmission, as well as in the most charged version with manual transmission, or using mechanical adjustment levers. The luggage compartment has a volume of 480 liters. If you fold down the row of rear seats, the luggage space increases by 60%.

    The color of the instrument panel illumination, which harmonizes with the center console, is green. Thanks to the convenient location of the on-board computer, all the necessary indicators are always in sight. Power windows and exterior mirrors are adjusted using the buttons located on the driver’s door card. Also on the panel are two displays – for the clock and for the multimedia system. In the top-end configuration of the car, a 6-disc CD changer was installed, with support for the mp3 format.

    The basic equipment received the LS marking and was equipped with: air conditioning with cabin filter, front and rear power windows, power rear-view mirrors, remote central locking, heated windshield, fog lights, as well as an effective security system and 16-inch light-alloy wheels with tires 205/55. The LT modification was equipped with heated and adjustable lumbar support for the front seats, rain and light sensors, adaptive cruise control, parking assistance and leather interior, as well as 17-inch alloy wheels with 215/55 tires.

    As standard, there is a 4-channel ABS system and a mechanism that distributes braking forces. Passive safety is ensured by the presence of a rigid frame in the passenger compartment. There is also an elaborate airbag system for the driver and front passenger, including a large number of airbags and two side curtains that limit downforce.