Skoda Rapid 2021 CWVA 1.6 MPI 110 HP

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Skoda Rapid

Another advantage of the Skoda Rapid is the ability to choose between a modern and nimble 1.4 TSI turbo engine (125 hp) and a time-tested 1.6 aspirated engine, which is presented both in a tax-friendly 90-horsepower version and in a more powerful 110-horsepower. And you can choose a gearbox: mechanics, a classic automatic or a DSG robot with two clutches. The optional sports seats with integrated headrests will appeal to fans of the German design school, and they cost Czech humanely. This, by the way, is another unique option of Rapid. Behind the Skoda Rapid is easy to confuse with the more solid Octavia, especially now that it has added “rich” LED lights to its arsenal. For rear riders, Rapid provides royal space for a B-class car. In terms of additional comfort, the smallest “Czech” on our market is also not a blunder. In the trunk there are two hooks for bags, a 12 V socket, a special place (under the threshold) for an emergency stop sign and a standard set of tools. The base wheels are 14-inch, with expensive modifications they are two sizes larger. Stylish black wheels are part of the Monte Carlo package. In the top-end Style package, the Skoda Rapid has a chrome molding at the bottom of the bumper, in harmony with the running lights line. The Monte Carlo car posing for us prefers contrasting sporty accents. A split rear seatback appears on the Rapid Ambition trim. The central armrest not only adds comfort to the rear passengers, but also serves as a large hatch for long vehicles. Turn signal repeaters moved from the wings to the mirror housings. The ice scraper has become synonymous with the phrase Simply Clever. In the trunk, you can secure cargo of any size, shape and weight. The new LED taillights bring the Rapid closer to the more upmarket Octavia. A luxurious top-end multimedia system will be expensive on single copies of Rapid. But it is worth the money, because it offers not only navigation, but also a variety of ways to interact with smartphones, which is coming to the fore these days. The rear view camera is stationary. Its cleanliness is monitored by a separate washer. A verified and inexpensive solution for Russian conditions. The marking lines on the display are motionless, but parking sensors help. The amount of chromium on the changed ventilation deflectors increases as it approaches the maximum configuration. Eyeglass case – with a soft finish so that the glasses do not scratch. For rear passengers, you can order USB connectors or seat heating. In the crowd of megacities, the front parking sensors are a necessary help even on a compact car. In the glove box – the attributes of the multimedia complex. The design of the climate control unit has been refreshed. There are no complaints about the quality of the automatic mode. Under the passenger seat perched branded umbrella. Devices – with new scales. They read excellently.

Specifications of the new Rapid

To make the review of the Czech brainchild really complete, consider its main parameters.

Power plant and gearbox

The manufacturer offers quite a variety of engine modifications:

  • volume – 1.6 l, power – 90 hp, gearbox – mechanical, 5-speed,
  • volume – 1.6 l, power – 110 hp, gearbox – mechanical, 5-speed,
  • volume – 1.6 l, power – 110 hp, gearbox – automatic, 6-speed,
  • volume 1.4 l, power – 125 hp, turbocharged, gearbox – robotic (DSG), 7-speed.

Modifications allow the future car owner to decide in advance what exactly he wants to get from the car – a frisky and modern “iron friend” (then, of course, the choice should fall on a turbocharged installation) or a calm city liftback, under the hood of which is installed 90- and 110-horsepower aspirated.

luggage compartment

The luggage compartment of RAPID provides a volume of 550 li
The luggage compartment of the RAPID provides a volume of 550 liters, and can be increased to 1490 liters.
Net system with fastening hooks prevents
The grid system with fastening hooks prevents small items from moving.

The Rapid has a large luggage compartment, the volume of which in the normal state is 550 liters, with the rear row of seats unfolded – 1,490 liters. For ease of transportation, the manufacturer has equipped the trunk with three nets that are mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. In addition, there are special flexible corners in the car, which are fixed with Velcro and are used to secure large luggage.


The initial equipment of the car provides for 14-inch wheels, in other versions the vehicle received 15- and 16-inch wheels.

Dimensions and weight

When buying a B-class car, you must understand that

When buying a B-class car, you should understand that you cannot really call it miniature. Visually, of course, the car looks small, but the real dimensions indicate a deceptive perception of reality. The length of the Rapid is 4,483 mm, the width is 1,706 mm, and the height is 1,461 mm. The empty weight is 1,135 kg. As options are added, the car will become heavier. The most complete equipment will pull 1,230 kg.

Fuel consumption and other characteristics

In urban mode, the Skoda Rapid consumes an average of 8-9 liters, while on the highway, the consumption is reduced to 4.5-6. The car accelerates to the first hundred kilometers in 11.4 seconds. The maximum speed is 185 km/h.

risk zone

Everyone’s weak point Skoda – This is a DSG box that works on the principle of “lucky / unlucky”. The owners of this brand are divided in opinions about the reliability of this robot: someone’s car has already passed half the globe without complaints, someone’s car began to fail after six months of operation. Mechatronics – an electronic-hydraulic unit – is the problem area of ​​the DSG box of past generations. If it fails, then the car owner will face expensive repairs.

At the moment, the robotic box has been finalized by the manufacturer, and according to Skoda engineers, it will not bring any problems in the future. Drivers who currently own Rapids manufactured in 2018 confirm the stable operation of the mechanisms. However, time will tell how reliable the latest generation of DSG is.

Users had no complaints about the mechanics.

Security and comfort systems

The new Skoda Rapid received not only noticeable, design updates, but also hidden or inconspicuous ones. An example of this is the security system, comfort, as well as additional elements that were not on previous models of the company, not like on the pre-styling Rapid.

Since the Skoda Rapid car belongs to inexpensive models, depending on the configuration and modification, the list of security and comfort systems will differ. Nevertheless, even in the basic configuration, the novelty will be able to surprise with modern technologies. So, the list of the new Skoda Rapid includes:

  • front airbags;
  • side airbags;
  • electronic stability control system;
  • tire pressure monitoring;
  • distance control in front of the car;
  • safety curtains;
  • fastening of a child seat;
  • ERA-Glonass system;
  • electric power steering;
  • 2 or 3 spoke steering wheel;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • rain and light sensor;
  • Cruise control;
  • assistant when climbing uphill;
  • on-board computer;
  • multimedia system;
  • air conditioning or climate control;
  • outside temperature sensor;
  • heated side mirrors;
  • LED running lights;
  • rear view camera with washer;
  • front and rear power windows;
  • washer nozzle heater;
  • heated front and rear seats;
  • bluetooth;
  • USB connectors;
  • immobilizer;
  • engine start/stop button;
  • keyless access;
  • ice scraper (on the fuel tank cap);
  • umbrella under the front passenger seat.

As new technologies become available, the manufacturer will install them on the new Skoda Rapid. At the same time, they specified that the appearance of new functions in the Skoda Rapid will go in parallel with the Scala hatchback.