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#Interesting technologies

As befits a modern European car, Skoda Superb can be equipped with a wide variety of electronic assistants. For example, the Front Assist distance control system warns the driver about the danger of a collision, and in the event of a threat of a collision, it independently applies the brakes to minimize the consequences of an accident. The system includes a radar sensor installed in the radiator grille. With it, the system constantly monitors the distance to the vehicle in front. If the distance is reduced or there is a possibility of a collision, and the driver does not react in any way, the automation intervenes in the control process. First, a visual warning of a violation of the safe distance is issued, then an acoustic and visual warning signal. If the driver continues to “sleep”, the brake pedal vibrates, and then automatic braking is carried out in order to avoid a collision or reduce the severity of an accident.

A very common, but no less useful blind spot monitoring system, Blind Spot Detect, helps the driver when changing lanes by alerting him to cars in blind spots. For this purpose, the vehicle can be equipped with two radar sensors located at the bottom of the rear bumper of the ŠKODA Superb. They “watch” the area next to the car and 20 meters behind it. When a vehicle is detected in blind spots or vehicles approaching from behind, the LED indicator on the exterior mirror lights up. If the driver ignores the warning and tries to turn in the direction of the detected vehicle, the indicator will flash, signaling a possible danger.

Driver Fatigue Recognition Assistant

Driver Alert, the driver’s fatigue recognition assistant, as the manufacturer assures, can reduce the risk of accidents related to the state of the person sitting behind the wheel. The system monitors the behavior of the driver, assessing the degree of his fatigue. If necessary, it warns the driver about the need for rest and a break in the trip. Driver Alert works like this: electromechanical steering transmits information about steering wheel movements to the control unit. There, this data is compared with the general behavior of drivers and predetermined characteristics of the behavior of drivers who fall asleep. If it matches the last pattern, a rest warning appears on the on-board computer screen.

Superb can also install a proac system

The Superb can also be equipped with the Crew Protect Assist proactive protection system for the driver and front passenger. It provides pre-tensioning of the front seat belts in the event of dangerous situations on the road (skidding, etc.). It also works in conjunction with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to automatically close the side windows and sunroof to prevent foreign objects from entering the vehicle.

Lane Assist assists

Lane Assist helps keep the vehicle in its lane. If the driver accidentally deviated from their lane, Lane Assist will display a visual message on the dashboard and even correct the vehicle’s position using the steering wheel. The system is activated at speeds above 65 km / h, of course, in the presence of clearly visible markings.



Handling and off-road performance

The Czech model has excellent handling, which is achieved through the correct design of the car itself, as well as equipping it with various systems that increase smoothness and maneuverability. In addition, both the liftback and the station wagon are adapted to Russian operating conditions, which also has a positive effect on the possibilities of taxiing “Czech”.

But about the off-road capabilities of the car,

But about the off-road capabilities of the car, regardless of the type of body, there is practically nothing to say. Of course, the presence of all-wheel drive allows you to count on overcoming difficult off-road sections, however, extremely low ground clearance and a robotic transmission that does not like overheating negate such prospects.

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The main competitor of Skoda Superb, as well as any D-class car, is Toyota Camry, the undisputed leader of this segment in Russia. Prices for it start at 1.4 million, and for 1.6 million you can buy a Camry in the Exclusive package. It will be a car with a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine (9 s to 100 km / h), a classic automatic, leather interior, a multimedia system with Yandex.Navigator, etc. Of the minuses of the Camry, one can note the high cost of insurance , theft, reduced maintenance intervals (every 10,000 km).

Even cheaper is the Korean sedan KIA Optima &mdas

The Korean sedan KIA Optima is even cheaper – from 1.1 million. For 1.5 million, you can take a car with a 2.4-liter engine and automatic transmission (9.1 s to 100 km / h), stuffed with almost all options: leather interior , xenon headlights, navigation system, premium audio system and so on.

Approximately the same price tag has another Korean

Approximately the same price tag has another Korean D-class sedan – Hyundai i40. True, he is not supposed to have powerful engines, but there is a 1.7-liter diesel engine with 141 hp. With. (10.8 s to 100 km/h). With such a motor in the top-end configuration, the i40 will pull 1.64 million. The car is also available in a station wagon body, it will cost about 100 thousand more.

Ford Mondeo prices start at 1.35 million C

Prices for the Ford Mondeo start at 1.35 million. This is the price of a base car with a 2.5-liter engine and an automatic. In a good configuration and with a 200-horsepower engine (8.7 s to a hundred), an American of the Russian assembly will already pull 1.76 million. We had a car on testing back in 2015, and even then its not the most modern salon caught my eye.

Mazda 6 is perhaps one of the most beautiful

Mazda 6 is perhaps one of the most beautiful cars in its segment. For beauty, as you know, you have to pay, and it’s not even so much about the price. The “Six” will cost at least 1.32 million, but with a 2.5-liter engine (7.8 s to 100 km / h) in a good configuration it already costs 1.7 million, and in the “top” – almost 1.9 million. Here, add at least 200-250 thousand for full insurance and several tens of thousands more for alarms and other anti-theft equipment.

If you're eyeing the Skoda Superb, it's worth considering.

If you’re eyeing the Skoda Superb, it’s worth considering its big brother, the Volkswagen Passat. The car is estimated at at least 1.5 million, the prices for the variant with the 1.8 TSI engine (7.9 s to 100 km/h) start from 1.9 million. diesel engine – 2 liters, 150 liters. With. and 8.7 s to hundreds. In the Highline configuration, such a Passat costs 1.85 million. A station wagon in a similar configuration will cost as much as 400 thousand more.

More door closers

No matter how hard they try to convince me that the 280-horsepower Superb is designed to be fun to drive, I cannot get rid of the stereotype that the owner (or rather, the user) of such a car rides on the back sofa. And after all, everything is here for a comfortable stay on the second row. You move the front passenger seat as far forward as possible (this can be done right from the back row), raise the curtain, throw your legs over your legs, set a comfortable temperature in your separate “climatic zone”, turn on Dvorak’s 9th symphony, which flows pleasantly from 11 speakers of the Canton system and enjoy the ride! It is a pity that the dealer does not issue such cars for review immediately with a hired driver.

However, it’s a sin to complain even behind the wheel of such a “stuffed” Skoda. Here you have an electric seat adjustment with memory, and a beautiful dashboard, and a bright screen of the multimedia system, and a wide armrest … The steering wheel is heated, and the front seats also have a ventilation function. There is even a massage function on board (only for the driver) – this is an option for Style. You will also have to pay extra for heating the rear row, as well as for the powerful audio system mentioned in the previous paragraph.

What I love about Skoda is the attention to detail. Umbrellas in the doors – it’s okay. But how conveniently made, for example, coasters. There are special seals so that you can open the cap in a bottle with one hand. Usually you have to pinch it between your legs or release both hands from the steering wheel. The interior of the “trying on” Skoda Superb is trimmed with light leather and has atmospheric lighting. At some point, you expect that such a car should have door closers. They are, of course, not. It’s still a Skoda. Although, for example, the adjustment of the angle of the rear sofa could be added. The model is, after all, corporate delivery.

The fact that in Superb there is an infinite amount of space on the second row, I think, is not worth reminding. As well as about the abyss-trunk. It seems that not only a baby stroller will fit here, but a small factory for the production of these strollers. There is a small drawback in this 625-liter “black hole”. If an apple suddenly rolled out of the package and flew to the back of the second row, in order to get it, you will have to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Fortunately, the Czechs are prepared here too: a Velcro organizer is provided for the car, which will allow you to limit the used part of the trunk.


Skoda brand cars have never been distinguished by ultra-modern and dynamic style. Rather, they are a prime example of classics that are relevant at all times. The restyling of the third generation led to point changes in appearance. So, the head optics of the car has become narrower, and a wider air intake is built into the front bumper. Fog lights and taillights have LED filling, and the manufacturer offers the possibility of installing a spoiler on the luggage compartment lid.

Roughly the same can be said about the interior of the Skoda.

Roughly the same can be said about the interior of the Skoda Superb. The car has a classic modern interior, made of very expensive and high-quality materials, which are diluted with stylish decorative inserts. At the same time, modern solutions are also present in the interior, such as a touch-screen multimedia control display, as well as a digital instrument panel. But the transmission control selector and rotating washers of climate control adjustments have a classic design.

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