Motorcycle review Honda NT 700 V Deauville 2007

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Honda NT 650V Deville looks more aesthetically pleasing than many representatives of the tourist class. And this manifests itself in the following: tourists often have a very angular appearance, but here all the corners are smoothed out, and the bike looks like some kind of “space”. Especially if the frame has a silver color.

However, both the headlights and mirrors also give the motorcycle a resemblance to an alien ship from science fiction films. And given the smoothness of the dynamics on a flat track, such associations, perhaps, will occur often. It is rare to say that a touring motorcycle is beautiful, but in this case it certainly is.


Dimensions and weight

Of course, this is a large vehicle compared to both sportbikes and road bikes. Anyone who purchases such a bike must have the appropriate physical strength to handle it properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of not coping with the car, even if it has a relatively calm character.


  • tank – 19 l;
  • clearance – 130 mm;
  • curb weight – 248 kg;
  • height – 1260 mm;
  • width – 780 mm;
  • length – 2215 mm;
  • seat height – 814 mm.

The weight together with fuel is comparable to the mass of sports and touring motorcycles. So, if you have already driven a sports tourist before, it is unlikely that it will become a difficult task to cope with this model. If you have never ridden anything heavier than a motocross bike before, you will have to adapt so that this bike does not cause problems.


Many people like the car more than the 650th model. Some people are particularly impressed with low and medium revs. This is really important for a touring bike. High speed for such equipment, in principle, is undesirable. Bike is designed for a measured ride.

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Of course, it is more comfortable to ride a motorcycle equipped with ABS. The tank is large, which is convenient, but the fuel consumption is not small either. Therefore, do not drive far from gas stations. Driving such a motorcycle along the road with your hands is not a pleasant and not an easy task. Even the dry weight of this model is significant.

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In terms of its parameters, it is a solid tourist. Specifications meet the colossal dimensions. A pair of albeit not the most impressive brake discs in front, moderate suspension travel, cardan drive option. There are five speeds, like the previous model in the line, but more is not needed.

Rear brakes one disc, 276 mm
Brakes front two discs, 296 mm
rear suspension pendulum, 123 mm
Front suspension telescopic fork, 115 mm
Overclocking 5.4 s to 100 km/h
Top speed 185 km/h
Torque at the limit 66.2 Nm
Power at the limit 65 HP
Steps in a box five
Drive type cardan
Fuel consumption 5.5 l per 100 km

This is a reliable technique, so it is possible to take a used one. However, it is still better to buy a new motorcycle. Then it is unlikely that a situation will arise when serious problems are suddenly discovered in one place or another. Not everything is easy to spot right away, even if the biker has a lot of experience in driving and choosing motorcycles.

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