Hyundai Santa Fe 2022 new body, prices, equipment, photo, video test drive

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Inner space: do I hear an echo here?

Of course, all that extra standard equipment on the SEL trim will come at a price, but the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe will undoubtedly compete on price with the Subaru Outback and other midsize SUVs. (The gallery also shows the Santa Fe XRT, another trim with the same engine. – Ed.) Good midsize SUVs under $35,000 still exist.

Thanks to three years or 60,000 km of free technical

With three years or 60,000 miles of free maintenance and a good mix of technology and features, the 2023 Santa Fe earns a place at the top of our rankings. No, the 2022 and 2023 Santa Fe aren’t perfect, but they’re a solid sub-$35k option when the SUV-like Subaru Outback doesn’t quite fit our needs.


Operation in the city and on the road

The company positions this car as a universal car, which should have excellent performance both when traveling on city streets and on country roads. But is it really so? In general, yes. The car has good handling and is easy to maneuver, despite its large size. Also, the crossover confidently keeps on the road, so it’s not scary to drive at high speeds. There is a whole list of electronic assistants that make it easy to drive a car even for a novice driver. However, the sound insulation of a car is far from being at the highest level, so the noise of the city bustle will constantly accompany the motorist.

The model is equipped with all-wheel drive, so it can

The model is equipped with all-wheel drive, so it can be driven on countryside with small obstacles such as mud puddles. However, the car is not designed for serious off-road. As noted above, the clearance of the car was reduced from 203 to 185 mm. However, this is only official data. If you measure the ground clearance from the crankcase protection, it turns out that its value is even less. When driving on light off-road, care must be taken not to damage the bumper. It is also worth always remembering that the spare wheel is located under the rear overhang, which in some situations when driving over rough terrain can work like an anchor. But for trips out of town, for example, to the country, the off-road characteristics of the crossover should be enough.

When you know what glamping is

In general, the Santa Fe rows along the off-road is acceptable – it seems that the logic of the distribution of traction over the wheels has been slightly shamanised. Somewhat embarrassing only a modest geometric cross. Already small clearance was reduced to 17 and a few centimeters, which, in addition, was also stopped by the dealer power protection of the engine compartment. Developed overhangs reduced the angles of entry and exit. Therefore, you have to maneuver actively, carefully choosing the trajectory of taking obstacles. Keep this in mind when going out into nature, otherwise you will have to repair elegant plastic.

The headlights of the updated

The headlights of the updated “Santa” are LED by default: reflex in simple trim levels, projection in top-end ones. Washers are still not provided.

By the way, ordinary Santa Fe have black decorative elements along the lower belt, but at that moment it turned out to be “premier” special edition Calligraphy for nearly 3.5 million rubles. In addition to the “full stuffing” style equipment, special 20-inch wheels, a dark chrome radiator grille, a luxurious interior (nappa leather plus a suede ceiling) and other decor, this Hyundai is also distinguished by the full color of the “skirt” to match the body.

Three new colors have been added to the palette of shades, including

Three new colors have been added to the palette of shades, including white mother-of-pearl. Moreover, they ask for an additional payment for it, as for a regular metallic – 15,000 rubles.

Sounds and durability

It worked. “Santa” used to delicately treat passengers, but now it’s completely beautiful. The premiere test drive was arranged in Kabardino-Balkaria, where a wide range of roads are packed on a relatively small area – from the flat federal highway “Kavkaz” to field primers and ancient rocky paths, along which shepherds from time immemorial drove sheep from one gorge to another through mountain passes .

So the quality of the coating on the updated crossover drum is at the level that it is generally fair to demand from a delicate passenger car of the 21st century. Imprudently buried myself in a bump, did not notice the ravine, I decided to go through a puddle – the car still elastically swallows bumps, not to mention smaller defects. Santa Fe smooths typical waves, joints and other nuances of Russian asphalt with an iron, at ease. Discomfort is possible only on separate “special stages” like a hard fine comb.

And the best part is that the ride is now almost independent of the size of the wheels. The lineup of the updated Santa Fe is made up of wheels with a diameter of 18 to 20 inches (five design options) – and even on the latest crossover it is not shaky. Of course, jumping over stones on 255/45 R20 tires has to be more accurate, but ironically, the only tire punched over the entire route turned out to be the base plump dimension – 235/60 R18. Apparently, the feeling of the omnivorous running gear just lulled the vigilance of the driver of that car.

“Santa” is supplied with a full-size “spare wheel” (suspended under the bottom) and a suitable set of standard tools: the jack is stable, the “balloon” is not flimsy – you can change the wheel on the road.

The second defining component of comfort on board the updated “Santa” is acoustics in the broadest sense of the word. In the cabin, you can barely hear the rustling of winter non-studded tires (both the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV and the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice SUV), the crushing of gravel along the arches and the bottom on the ground, the rumble of the wind when driving along the highway. In addition, the old Krell music system was replaced with the more well-known Harman / Kardon brand, along with teaching electronics good manners.

Through the multimedia menu, you can activate the amplification of the driver’s voice, then the person behind the wheel will be clearly heard through the speakers even on the third row at the tail of the car. If the children fall asleep, it is reasonable to use the silence mode: the sound balance will shift to the front speakers, so that Dad’s invigorating hard rock will not disturb anyone. Everyone has their own territory.


It’s no secret that modern motorists, before buying a particular vehicle, without fail pay attention to safety. In this regard, the South Korean cross boasts not only the appropriate equipment, which includes three-point belts with fixation and tensioners, ISOFIX child seat attachments, as well as 6-10 pillows and a variety of systems responsible for motion control, but also impressive crash testing rates. -tests. According to official data, this cross was able to score an impressive 94% on the C-NCAP test, which corresponds to a five-star rating and speaks of the good safety of the car in general.

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The interior of the new Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022 model year is distinguished by high-quality finishing materials: real leather, plastic, fabrics and aluminum plates. And slightly improved seats, as well as an expanded list of multimedia system options, are designed to improve comfort when moving.

Bodies of control and management

The center console of the novelty came out very large, however, it contains not so many elements. When landing in the passenger compartment, the driver is met by a comfortable three-spoke steering wheel with a large number of various switches on the side spokes. The steering wheel practically does not hide the instrument panel with virtual sensors, the set of which the driver can configure at his discretion. Closer to the center is a large entertainment system tablet, just below it are several ventilation deflectors.

Then comes the already high central tunnel, in the upper part of which there are keys and climate control knobs, a “music” control unit and a technical part with transmission adjustment. The tunnel ends with a nice organizer, a platform for charging the phone, cup holders and an armrest, the contents of which can be cooled.

Seats and trunk

The new Hyundai Santa Fe will get five or seven seats, depending on the modification, and each seat is significantly improved compared to the previous generation. They will be sheathed with fabric, have an ergonomic shape and contain a soft filler. Among the additional options, it is worth noting support from the sides, heating of the front row, as well as position settings using mechanical drives. In addition, there is much more space in front of the seats.

As for the luggage compartment, it is ready to take over 630 liters of things in a combat position, and this figure is somewhat larger than it was on the previous version of the SUV.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to decide whether to buy such a car or not, it is imperative to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2022 crossover. You need to start with the advantages of the car, namely:

  • great design and thoughtful layout of the cabin;
  • rich technical equipment;
  • an abundance of equipment and powertrains;
  • excellent dynamics and driving performance;
  • inexpensive service;
  • build quality and reliability.

It is also impossible to ignore certain

It is also impossible to ignore certain shortcomings inherent in the model, namely: a rather high cost, not the most impressive cross-country ability, and the absence of front-wheel drive urban modifications.

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Interior: close to premium

The interior of Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 with a new body has undergone some changes. The most obvious difference in the photos is the redesigned center console, which replaces the traditional selector lever with a push-button gearbox control. In addition, the interior is able to please the digital instrument panel with a 12.3-inch screen, already present in the basic configuration. And the creators of the new model promise an interior without hard plastic.

The seats have been technically modified to add 34mm to the legs of the second row passengers. At the same time, the trunk volume even increased slightly to 634 (+9) liters. As expected, the multimedia complex was significantly expanded, with a 10.25 (+8.25) inch display. The central tunnel provides additional storage capacity for small items.

Small mirrors, shoals of dealers and a “squeezed” branded cup from the center console … – the owners of “Santa” have a lot of small claims, but even more emotions, and positive ones.



Modifications Petrol 2.5 l (180 l, s) AT 4WD Diesel 2.2 l (199 l, s) AMT 4WD Gasoline 3.5 l (249 l.s) AT 4WD
Are common
Production year: 2022-
Brand country South Korea
Assembly country Russia
Number of places five
type of drive Full Full Full
Dynamic characteristics:
Acceleration to 100 km/h 10.3 s 9.2 s 8 c
Max Speed 195 205 210
Ground clearance 185 185 185
Fuel consumption (l):
Town 11.8 7.5 14.7
track 7 5.3 8.1
Middle 8.7 6.1 10.5
motor type Petrol Diesel Petrol
brand G4KM D4HE G6DU
Power 180 199 249
Torque Hm 232 440 331
Compression ratio 10.5 sixteen 10.6
Fuel used AI-92 diesel fuel AI-92
Supercharging type Turbine
Dimensions and weight
Length mm 4785 4785 4785
Width mm 1900 1900 1900
Height mm 1685 1685 1685
Wheel base mm 2765 2765 2765
Tank volume, liters 67 67 67
Trunk volume, liters 1704 1704 1704
Vehicle weight, kg 1889 2011 1985