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Is it better not to meddle off-road?


“Thanks to all-wheel drive, the road will always remain under your control. Even where it is not ”- this is from the description of the manufacturer. In general, it is – thanks to the clutch lock function. It is very important that the lock does not turn off automatically even at a speed of 90 km / h, that is, in force majeure conditions, you can drive on an uncleaned track with a mixture of ice and snow with a locked clutch – very useful.

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– On a country road covered with icy porridge, poor sound insulation is especially noticeable: water and ice drum on the arches, bottom and thresholds, as if on bare tin. The locked clutch gives a feeling of confidence, the car on a slippery surface, even in corners, accurately follows a given trajectory. But still not enough engine thrust. And it is not possible to “spur” it in the automatic mode of the box, it is necessary to switch to manual.


In general, our thought experiment showed that the Hyundai Creta is a good “entrance ticket” to the world of foreign crossover cars for a city dweller. A practical car for moving a small family of two or three people around the city and rare trips to the country.

Cretu is produced at the Hyundai plant near St. Petersburg, for the second year it is the sales leader among crossovers in the country. This year, in the first two months, 12,012 vehicles – 1704 pieces more than in January-February of the past. The Creta also tops the unofficial top cars, popular with Russian women.

Acceleration dynamics (our measurements): 0–100 km/h in 10.8 seconds (driver only, no load, studded winter tires)

car interior

Salon Hyundai Greta is quite spacious for a mini-crossover. The driver and four passengers are accommodated comfortably, without serious inconvenience. The interior is designed in the same concept as the exterior of the car. “Flowing lines 2.0” noticeably replaced the familiar features of Hyundai, but the basis of the corporate style remained. The drop-shaped center console is a thing of the past, replaced by a trapezoid. Thanks to this, Greta’s salon looks more modern and more expensive. But the elongated shape of the deflectors remained unchanged, it is very striking.

Dashboard and multimedia system after re

The dashboard and multimedia system after restyling have become as readable and convenient as possible. The comfort of the driver has also increased in terms of climate control and audio system control, the control units for these elements have risen to the optimum height. The intuitive layout of the menu options for the navigation and multimedia system has remained the same, which allows you to keep your eyes on the road. But the presence of a CD-drive is puzzling. It is highly doubtful that someone will use discs in a 2017-2019 car.

The standard steering wheel from Hyundai remained the same, it

The standard steering wheel from Hyundai has remained the same, its trim is made of eco-leather, the most expensive trim levels suggest genuine leather. It has several keys to control the music menu and climate. The position of the steering wheel can be adjusted in two planes, each driver can choose the optimal position for himself. Optionally, you can order the steering wheel heating function, it is available for all trim levels.

Armchairs and door cards in the basic configurations of Hyu

Armchairs and door cards in the basic Hyundai Creta trim levels are covered with a dense, wear-resistant fabric, but they look decent and do not cheapen the overall look of the cabin. The interior in more expensive cars is leather. The front seats have lateral support and ergonomically designed armrests and headrests. The design of the driver’s seat makes it easy to endure long trips. The rear sofa provides comfortable accommodation for three passengers, including children.

Greta’s transmission platform compares favorably with the nearest competing machines. The layout of the controls, according to the owners of Hyundai Creta, is the most successful here. The shift lever is right at your fingertips, and the smooth, short knob allows you to change gear quickly and comfortably.

There is enough storage space in the cabin.  Pomy

There is enough storage space in the cabin. In addition to the glove box and armrest compartment, Crete has a drawer located under the driver’s seat. This is an original and extremely successful solution of Korean engineers.

Additional driver comfort is provided by: seat heating, air conditioning or climate control, power windows on each door, electric rear-view mirrors with heating and folding functions, functional controls on the steering wheel, keyless entry and engine start, on-board computer.

Cons salon Hyundai Creta:

  • Hard plastic that cracks and rattles very quickly.
  • Poor-quality sound of the speakers of the standard audio system.
  • The lack of a sealant at the bottom of the doors, the floor and interior are quickly contaminated with road dust.

Now for the disadvantages

  • In the line of works forgot to specify the tint. They reported only on the evening of the 27th. I had to pay 5.5 thousand rubles. Disappointed.
  • Disks as a gift – it’s good. But, I paid another 2,000 rubles for mounting additional disks.
  • There is no plastic cover on the motor. There are mounting bolts, but there is no cover itself. Inside, they say that the cars come from the factory this way.
  • Carpets at the back consist of 3 parts – left, right and jumper. Now this jumper will travel throughout the cabin.

As a result, I paid the missing amount, completed the paperwork and went home. Already at home in 1 hour I did everything else – insurance, registration, numbers, etc.

winter problems

The main problem for Russian winters in Korean

The main problem for Russian winters in the Korean crossover is the lack of a remote start system. In addition, there is no insulation on the hood, and the battery capacity is not too large – 60 Ah (Renault Capture has 70 Ah). But if the car is started, then the heated steering wheel, the electric heating of the windshield, as well as the heating of the windshield washer nozzles will be immediately felt by the driver. This is the strength of the car, which is deprived of a competitor – Renault Captur. But the Frenchman has a programmable remote start, which greatly increases the chances of starting a car even in the most severe frosts.

It should be noted that the heating of the steering wheel and rear seats is not included in the basic package of the Korean, but is installed for an additional fee – 25 thousand rubles. for the pleasure of getting the Winter package. For the same money, the steering wheel will be trimmed with leather.

Another unpleasant feature of Hyundai is the small size of the wiper blades. As a result, the left brush does not reach the rack by as much as 6.5-7 cm! When you need to clean the windshield from frost and snow – not the best option.

But you don’t have to worry too much about the quality of winter diesel fuel – Hyundai is equipped exclusively with a gasoline engine. True, they say that now the manufacturer is considering the release of a crossover with a diesel engine, but this is a matter of the future, and basically everything will depend on the price – a powerful diesel engine will cost more than a gasoline engine.

The manufacturer claims that despite the lack of a remote start, the Hyundai Greta will withstand frosts down to -30 ° C and will start without any problems.

Fuel consumption

Gasoline consumption is standard – about 10 liters per hundred. When I first bought the car, the first ten thousand kilometers were filled exclusively with Shell AI-95 V-Power. Then I decided to experiment with a different gas station and octane number, and therefore began to refuel at Lukoil AI-92 (minimum acceptable octane number for Creta. — Approx. ed.

). As a result, I did not notice a difference in consumption, I always fill a full tank. Only after visiting Shell do I manage to drive an average of 100 km more than after Lukoil.

What kind of oil to fill?


Oil change in engine Nu G4NA series (149 hp) is needed every 15,000 km or after a year of operation. Engine oil type 0W-30 and 5W-30, in accordance with ACEA A3. The company recommends using Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W-30 and Shell Helix Ultra ECT AH 0W-30. The volume of oil in the engine with the replacement of the filter element is 4 liters.

Gearbox (automatic)

Hyundai Genuine ATF SP-IV working fluid

Recommended tire size:

205/65/R16, 215/60R17