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Careful Analysis of the Great Wall Hover Model

And the first thing to strive for when analyzing a new modification of a certain car brand of an SUV is a comparison with a previous and similar model. In any case, there are clearly more artifacts in front of the new Great Wall Hover. Unlike its brother with a deliberately brutal face, the Wall Hover H5 crossover has a much softer and more modern disguise, similar to the Mazda CX-7, and, of course, the engine of the new Great Wall Hover deserves a separate discussion.

Great Wall Hover H5

As for the interior, the twins cannot be distinguished here.

Everything is virtually identical. Neither the chaotic general combination of plastics of different textures, nor the awesome look of the manual transmission poker, nor the lack of hooks for clothes will hide from the views of the driver and passengers. Although all this is trifles, an unpleasant aftertaste is already beginning to accumulate. But still, after several days of living together with the Great Wall Hover, you begin to understand that the Chinese managed to give the interior a little solidity.

We look under the hood. There, a 2.4-liter engine from Mitsubishi, 136 hp, familiar to all owners of Eytreks and Outlanders. With.

But the developers of the new crossover added 10 Nm of torque, and the Great Wall SUV, along with the engine, automatically fit into Euro-4 standards. But it is still unknown whether a green collar, as some skeptics call the new environmental standards, will allow you to safely carry such a colossus weighing two tons.

Behind the wheel of the Great Wall Hover SUV, you try to sit comfortably, setting up an electric-adjustable seat for yourself. And it is advisable to keep the door open so that the hand fits in the hole between the chair cushion. All the problems because of the hatch, which rests on the ceiling.

Salon Great Wall Hover H5

The SUV engine at idle is heard quite clearly, although it cannot be called noise. We turn on the first gear and for some reason I remember the experience of communicating with domestic equipment: the vibration during regassing is such that the gearshift lever needs to be almost caught. But, bearing in mind the mass of the car per one horsepower of the engine, you understand that it will be so. You press the gas pedal and here it is happiness, the car responds with a quick acceleration and gains 55 km / h in first gear. But it starts to stumble when the tachometer needle rises to 6000 rpm. The second gear allows you to squeeze as much as 100 km / h on the speedometer, and the main thing with such a ride is not to lower the SUV engine speed below 3500 rpm.

It is interesting that the Chinese are embarrassed to disclose the necessary data on the acceleration dynamics of the SUV, but it was still noticed during the test drive of the Great Wall Hover H5 that the SUV accelerates to 100 km in 14 seconds. And even Pajero is faster in this sense.

But these and other technical indicators are not bad for an SUV, whose talents should be revealed not on the track, but on a country road. Specifications Great Wall Hover H5

Car model: Great Wall Hover H5
The country of manufacture: China
body type: SUV
Number of places: five
Number of doors: five
Engine capacity, cu. cm: 2378
Power, l. s./about. min.: 136/5000
Maximum speed, km/h: 170
Acceleration to 100 km/h, s: 10.2 (automatic); 11 (mechanics)
Type of drive: full (4WD)
Checkpoint: 6 automatic transmission, 5 manual transmission
Fuel type: gasoline AI-95, diesel
Consumption per 100 km: city ​​10.7; highway 8.2 (mechanics) city 8.9; highway 7.6 (automatic)
Length, mm: 4649
Width, mm: 1810
Height, mm: 1735
Clearance, mm: 175
Tire size: 235/70R16
Curb weight, kg: 1925
Gross weight, kg: 2510
Fuel tank capacity: 81

As for the melted stale snow, which seems to be a difficulty for most SUVs, the Great Wall Hover H5 with its engine began to slip on the most difficult parts of the road. Although the car slipped along the hub in the slurry, it showed its best side. Thanks to the front axle connection system, which you turn on with the 4H button, the Great Wall SUV jerks sharply, trying to jump out of the slurry. But several such attempts led to the fact that the SUV’s engine stalled. There was not enough torque, as it turned out. Only the 4L mode helped, which connected the “lower” that allowed the Great Wall Hover SUV to escape from captivity.

It turns out that despite external changes, in a radical sense, the Great Wall Hover has not changed. He is more comfortable, of course. Both on good roads and beyond. But, as it seemed during the test drive, the car definitely needs an “automatic” and a turbodiesel.

Exterior Renault Duster and Hover

Keeping its style, Renault Duster this year began to look better. In the new look, the wheel arches protrude, and by improving the design of the “front end”, the car has acquired improved balanced lines. The lights, both front and rear, are now smaller – they have become rectangular, they, together with the door stiffener, which pass into the rear fenders, give the updated model a pointed shape.

It is now known that a 7-seater variation of the car is being prepared for release.

The “front” of the car from China has a new improved bumper, which has some sporty expression. A powerful radiator grille is covered by specials. inserts. Fashionable lighting goes well with foglights and DRLs. The side view shows an almost flat roof on which the roof rails are placed.

The doors are massive, through which you can safely carry out a comfortable landing and disembarkation. External mirrors are supplemented with LED “turn signals”. Plastic protection is applied around the entire perimeter. Powerful wheel arches are combined with small wheel rims.

At the stern there is a small fifth door, on top of which there is a visor and an auxiliary brake light. You can also consider an updated diffuser and original inserts. Good taillights and an individual fifth door window complete the nice look of the car.