Ford Fusion with mileage


The machine is as simple as it is functional. It is characterized by simplified mechanics, a light small platform and considerable internal volume thanks to the layout of a minivan, which, in combination, is the secret of success. And nothing more. The engines are also compact, gasoline and diesel 1.4 and 1.6 liters. Again, everything is surprisingly simple, but quite powerful for such a small size.

Gearboxes are predominantly mechanical, but for those who love the automatic, a simple “robot” with one clutch is offered. For version 1.6, a full-fledged automatic hydromechanics, four-stage, made in Japan is also provided. Also very simple. It should be noted that the Fiesta was left without an automatic transmission – it is content with a box of its own design.

The suspensions are very simple and reliable, while the ground clearance is almost the same as that of the SUV. There is only one justified claim to the car – the use of not the most successful automatic transmission instead of a conventional automatic machine complete with a 1.4-liter engine, also in combination with a dual-mass flywheel. It makes no sense to talk about the low quality of interior materials, because the car belongs to the budget class.

In Russia, you can mainly find cars after restyling, since it was after the update that official sales began. Alas, the crisis and the stoppage of production made the age of the car on the market short, although he had success in the market. Although the price is not so small, they bought the car willingly. Someone was attracted by the quality along with practicality, someone – by the look of an SUV. Fiesta, very close from a technical point of view, sold significantly worse.



Along with good technical characteristics, Ford Fusion 2007 also has very good performance in terms of electronics and the latest security systems. Here are the important points:

  • The presence of a complete set of the AirBag system, which ensures the highest possible level of safety for the driver and passengers
  • The presence of a vehicle stability control system
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakerphone via multimedia system
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Climate control
  • Built-in ABS
  • GPS navigation system providing travel on unfamiliar roads and cities

As for the level of a budget car, Ford Fusion is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and safe movement on Russian roads. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Machine advantages

  • Clearance;
  • Short gearbox;
  • Solid handling;
  • Spacious interior, as for such a machine;
  • Roomy luggage compartment;
  • There are front and side airbags;
  • Integrated radio;
  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • Steering column height adjustment;
  • Driver’s seat settings;
  • Front fog lights;
  • Profitability;
  • Price.

Cons of the car

  • Expensive spare parts;
  • Weak 1.4-liter engine;
  • Harsh suspension;
  • Not the most comfortable seats
  • The steering column cannot be adjusted for reach;
  • Low power optics;
  • The air conditioner hardly works when the car is not moving;
  • Soundproofing quality.


Every driver strives to make his car different from others. And the Ford Fusion is no exception. Of course, you can give your car to a car center for a while, however, if you don’t want to spend extra money and have little knowledge in automotive topics, you can do these actions yourself. For example, you can:

  • Cover the paintwork with a special vinyl film;
  • Apply LED and neon lighting;
  • Dismantle the standard bumper and install a new body kit;
  • Apply a decorative grille, door sills;
  • Replace brake pads and suspension parts;
  • Make changes to the interior;
  • Make a chip tuning Ford Fusion;
  • Remove the old optics and install a more modern one.

Technical improvement

To achieve more pleasant driving dynamics, you can make engine adjustments, and to be more specific, chip-tun the motor. It is worth noting that these works are not easy and it is better to carry them out in specialized automotive services. The ECU is being reprogrammed. As a result, the power of the “engine” will increase up to 20%, and the consumption of fuels and lubricants will also decrease.

In the Ford Fusion, the engine ECU can be found behind the glove compartment on the driver’s side. It is better to carry out work on adjusting the parameters of the motor only if you have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Salon tuning

It’s no secret that the car is a budget option, so during a long trip, the driver can get tired for various reasons. For example, it may not suit the seat. You can choose another option (perhaps from another car), which will improve the level of comfort. When the fasteners do not fit, they can be redone. You can also install special car covers with massage inserts.

In addition to this, you can install a new multimedia system with a large color display. Tuning Ford Fusion also implies an improvement in sound insulation, since it is far from the best from the factory. In this case, you can use high-quality soundproofing material.

Tuning optics

You can create an individual image of the car in different ways, focusing on your financial capabilities. If you change the headlights, this will add variety to the exterior of the compact hatchback. Here you can use lens optics with neon illumination. It is possible to buy ready-made elements or purchase neon lighting separately and install them in the headlights yourself.

Body structure tuning

You can make your car better and make it stand out by installing decorative body kits and door sills, applying different stickers to the body, fixing accessories made of chrome or airbrushing, which has recently become popular. The back of the Ford Fusion can be decorated if you install a chrome muffler.

Comfort and safety

The car in many ways is gaining a large number of points. Security is no exception. When conducting crash testing, the car received the highest marks in most of the tests carried out.

The number of stars received when conducting defense tests:

  • 5 – passengers and the driver in a frontal impact;
  • 4 – in the rear side collision;
  • 4 – in the case of a frontal and tangential collision.

The safety level of the vehicle (vehicle) is increased not only by standard seat belts and airbags, but also by the presence of ABS and EBD, which help the driver in a difficult situation. The updated models are equipped with the latest blind spot tracking technology (Blistm), anti-slip and anti-slip systems, which greatly simplifies the operation of the car.

If we talk about comfort, then the rating here is quite high. Comfortable and roomy interior allows you to move long distances without any problems. Adjustable seats and steering column provide the most comfortable driving position. A large luggage compartment will allow you to take everything you need for a long trip.

The negative points are not enough space in the rear of the car and not too good visibility from the driver’s seat.


Considering the design of Ford Fusion, we can conclude that functionality and budget prevail here. The manufacturer sets itself the task of creating an affordable car, which is why it was decided to save on any excesses.

That is why only what has a functional purpose is used here. Due to this, it was possible to achieve the main thing – almost everyone can afford to buy a Ford Fusion.


The main Ford Fusion photos immediately focus on the fact that the car, with its spaciousness, seems very compact. Streamlined body significantly improved ergonomics

A rectangular grille, a stylish powerful bumper, elongated optics make the Ford Fusion very stylish. And additional body reinforcements seem to be provided for Russian roads.


Ford Fusion is designed for 5 people. And here it is equally convenient to transport both cargoes of various sizes, and to travel with a family. The main advantage of the Ford Fusion is that the rear seats can be folded partially or completely. By folding all the seats, you can significantly increase the size of the luggage compartment. You can also fold only part of the chairs. You can also expand them – then it will be possible to turn the interior into comfortable sleeping places, which makes the car just perfect for family trips.

If we talk about finishing, then everything here is extremely simple and restrained, but practical. For the driver, all instruments and sensors are located in close proximity so that they can be reached as easily as possible while driving.

In later versions of the Ford Fusion, an important drawback was eliminated – the glasses were enlarged, due to which it was possible to achieve a better view.

Interior and trunk

The interior of the car is designed for 5 people. Both passengers and the driver will feel comfortable in it, even if he has an athletic physique. The internal dimensions of the cabin and trunk are as follows:

  • the distance from the seat to the ceiling is 1015 mm;
  • legroom varies from 953 to 1045 mm;
  • the volume of the luggage compartment is 330 liters.

If you fold down the rear seats, the volume of the trunk of the car will become even more impressive. This amount of luggage is inherent in minivans. The rear seat can be fully or partially folded, which makes it possible to transport long loads in the cabin. The interior of the cabin is practically no different from that of the fifth generation Ford Fiesta. Interior decoration is comfortable and practical. If you expand the rear seats, you can organize several comfortable beds for the whole family. Thus, this car is great for long-distance travel.

This compact-looking car has a very comfortable high seating position. Good visibility is an important factor. It allows the driver to feel as confident as possible on the road.

The interior glazing has also been improved compared to the Fiesta – the view has been increased by 7%.

Outside and inside

The off-road component of the Fusion is already noticeable in its proportions. High body with short overhangs and even visually high ground clearance. In addition, the design of the “Ford” is made in a deliberately rough style. Rigid stamping lines, flat fenders of the wheel arches, rectangular protective moldings, widely spaced, almost square headlights. It seems that the car is drawn with just two tools – a compass and a ruler.

No, you definitely can't call Fusion graceful.  One

No, you definitely can’t call Fusion graceful. However, there is something attractive in his uncouthness. The car is really perceived as a small jeep, and for some this becomes a decisive argument in favor of the Ford.

The interior is designed in the same utilitarian style. Symmetry, flat surfaces and straight lines reign here. However, ostentatious simplicity sometimes borders on outright cheapness and negligence. The doors slam shut with an unpleasant thud. The plastic skid pads on the front seats flex like they’re loose. The seatbelt pretensioner igniters are on display. Metal legs and huge hinges, painted with black glossy paint, shamelessly stick out from under the rear “cot”. The gap between the steering column and the dashboard is covered with a beggarly patch of leatherette. And the flimsy lid of the upper glove box breaks a tear of nostalgia for the route Gazelle. That’s for sure – “glove box”!

This rustic barefoot can hardly be justified

This rustic barefoot can hardly be justified by the deliberately rough design style. Design and build quality are two different things. The class and price of the Fusion are also weak arguments. The Korean Getz and Rio are even cheaper, but their interiors are much neater. And the doors slam shut with the sound of a gentle kiss…

To accept the Fusion salon as it is, one must be above these trifles and appreciate its fundamental advantages. The main one is the van-like layout. The high roof provides ease of entry and exit and a solid supply of headroom. A specific stool landing will be especially appreciated by people of age, with limited mobility, who are uncomfortable driving in low cars. And the length of the interior is unexpectedly large for such a baby. The driver and passenger height of 190 cm sit freely one behind the other.

But in terms of the level of service "Fusion", as we have already said

But in terms of service level, “Fusion”, as we have already said, is inferior to full-fledged compact vans. The backs of the sofa are not adjustable in angle. There is no center armrest, folding tables and cup holders at the back. However, you can dine on the back of the front passenger seat, folding it horizontally.

Advantages and disadvantages

Machine advantages

  • Clearance;
  • Short gearbox;
  • Solid handling;
  • Spacious interior, as for such a machine;
  • Roomy luggage compartment;
  • There are front and side airbags;
  • Integrated radio;
  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • Steering column height adjustment;
  • Driver’s seat settings;
  • Front fog lights;
  • Profitability;
  • Price.

Cons of the car Expensive spare parts; Weak 1.4-liter engine; Harsh suspension; Not the most comfortable seats The steering column cannot be adjusted for reach; Low power optics; The air conditioner hardly works when the car is not moving; Soundproofing quality.

The difference between restyling and dorestyling

Despite the success of the 1st generation Ford Fusion, in 2005 the manufacturer made a comprehensive restyling, during which the interior became more comfortable, and the internal combustion engine began to be equipped in versions exclusively of 1.6 liters. In the new modification, after restyling, Ford Fusion increased the ground clearance from 140 to 160 mm, and the interior is now made of more suitable and high-quality materials that have become pleasant to the touch (tactile sensations). In appearance, the car has not changed much, except perhaps for slightly bulging wheel arches and a more interesting headlight design at the front of the car.

Concluding a comprehensive review of the Ford Fusion car, we can confidently conclude that it is a very well-thought-out development by American designers and engineers. The developers managed to achieve the perfect balance of compactness, maneuverability, convenience and safety, so this car can be considered one of the best for urban use.