Exeed VX Review 2022

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When opening the hood, you can immediately encounter such a problem that you need to stick your hand deep enough to find the hood release lever. Immediately after opening, the following problem of this car occurs. There are simply no sealing gum under the hood, so we immediately saw traces of dirt under the hood, but the Chinese decided to leave mounts under them if someone wants to take care of their car other than their manufacturers.

The Chinese are very fond of closing their engines in all sorts of ways, and they did not bypass this engine. The entire engine is covered with plastic that is held on by self-tapping screws, so if you have a question about servicing the engine, you first have to remove all the plastic.

Exeed VX, the Chinese decided to supply only with a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and a power of 249 horsepower. To reproduce such power, this engine has a variable intake manifold system, a turbine with an electronic actuator, i.e. it will not be controlled by vacuum, but electronically when needed, a water pump and a variable displacement oil pump. The pump allows the tasol to continue to circulate through the engine, thereby cooling it, which leads to more correct heat distribution.

All this is connected to a Getrag robotic gearbox with two clutches.


Handling and off-road performance

First of all, you need to understand that in this case we are talking about an urban crossover, not about a full-fledged SUV. Although the model is presented in all-wheel drive versions in some separate trim levels, it is more suitable for use in the city. The reason is hidden in the fact that this car does not have a low gear, and also does not have a differential lock. That is why the cross feels confident in urban areas on hard pavement, and can also easily cope with obstacles on rough terrain. However, off-road, he will not be able to feel comfortable. At the same time, the cross received good handling. The car, despite its mass, confidently enters turns, and also does not roll during high-speed maneuvering.

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Comfort for the whole family

Salon Exid BX impresses not so much with the finish as with the size. High-quality materials, solid workmanship, rich equipment – this is already a kind of Chinese standard, which Exeed VX strictly adheres to. But the full size here is very noticeable. Behind the wheel is quite spacious and quite comfortable. There are no complaints about the review from the driver’s seat. Minor flaws in terms of ergonomics relate to screens that glare in the sun and some oddities with backlit secondary controls. But the second row of seats in the Exeed VX will comfortably accommodate even the largest passengers. Yes, and in the third row it is quite possible to go, although the placement there is not so free. No, and here Exid VX is still not premium: there are richer materials, more attention to detail. Unless space for rear passengers can claim the highest class. In general, the novelty can be described as a convenient, comfortable, family car of a fairly high class.


Having created a car with high speeds and a mass of almost 2 tons, as well as a length of 5 meters, the Chinese took care of a very soft suspension, but not designed for fast driving. Controlled Exeed like a passenger car. While driving, the driver does not experience the feeling that the car will roll over on a sharp turn or slip on the road. This suspension will not cause any serious problems when used properly, it is for a quiet ride and the owner of the car can be sure that the ride will pass without hard bumps or loud knocks.

All this is BorgWarner all-wheel drive, which means that the Exeed is front-wheel drive, but if the front wheels spin, rear-wheel drive will turn on automatically using ABS sensor recognition.

Manufacturers did not lower the thresholds and both bumpers low, thereby making a rather impressive ground clearance.


Chery Exeed VX – it can be called a family car. most likely it is not suitable for those who like high speeds. Soft spacious interior, equipped for a comfortable ride. The car is quite economical – about 8 liters per 100 kilometers. There are minor flaws, but in this price segment, this is one of the best cars at the moment, as well as Chery crossovers: Tiggo 7, Tiggo 8, Chery Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 7 Pro.