Chevrolet Cruze (2008-2015 release)

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The interior of the car is simple but not annoying. Already in the basic configuration, the Cruise is equipped with an MP3, front electric lifts, four airbags and a central lock. The salon is made of simple materials – fabric and hard plastic.

The seats have good lateral support, so that the driver and passenger will not dangle from side to side when cornering, like pasta in a saucepan. The large steering wheel is adjustable in two planes.

Ergonomics “Cruise” can not be called good or bad. She is far from ideal, but in general, you can quickly get used to the arrangement of devices. Noise isolation at the Cruz is like a budget car: you can hear everything that happens outside the cabin.

Trunk volume depends on body type. So, 400 liters of cargo are placed in a hatch, 500 liters in a station wagon.



power unit

There is information that initially the 2nd family comes with only a single gasoline engine, but in the future the car received a diesel power unit. So far, the engine compartment of the Chevrolet Cruze II has a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged power plant, which received an aluminum cylinder block, direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber, Start / Stop technology, phase shifters and a whole range of systems that reduce friction.

As a result, he generates 153 “horses” (240 Nm). The first hundred submits in 8 seconds. With the help of a new unit and well-thought-out aerodynamics, a good efficiency characteristic is ensured – about 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The Chevrolet Cruze engine has become much better than its predecessor.


Together with such an “engine”, a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission works. All torque is transmitted to the front wheels.


For their novelty, American experts decided to use the new GM front-wheel drive platform, called the D2. It has become 113 kilograms less, but the rigidity of the body has increased by 27 percent due to the use of hot stamping steel in its structure.

The front part received an aluminum spring suspension with McPherson struts, and the rear part received a twisting beam (“younger” versions), a beam with a Watt mechanism (“older” versions). The car is controlled by an electric amplifier. The brake system of the 2nd generation Chevrolet Cruze received disc mechanisms on all wheels (front ventilated). Anti-lock braking system and electronic stabilization technology are supported.


Considering the level of safety of the new generation of the Cruise, it did not lag behind the previous model, which was able to get the maximum 5 stars during the Euro NCAP crash test. The new Chevrolet Cruze 2020 has:

  • Ten airbags;
  • ABS systems and exchange rate stability;
  • New StabiliTrak system that prevents the machine from tipping over;
  • Technology that prevents frontal collisions.

In addition, a team of engineers has provided folding pedals and a steering column, which increases the safety of the legs of the driver and the passenger sitting next to him during a collision. Also, due to the increased rigidity of the body, the passive safety of riders has improved.

Now for the cons

Due to the requirement to turn on the dipped beam, the backlight of the radio is lost, which means that you can’t see the time, the temperature outside, and what is playing now.

The rear socket falls out, for some reason it does not hold the mount, I’m waiting for a new part under warranty, let’s see how it will be. There is no steering wheel adjustment for reach, only for height. Oakish plastic on the thresholds, scratchy, so I advise the lining, you can make it from a transparent film. In all configurations, the heating of the rear passengers is removed with a plug, although the plastic case for blowing is not very expensive, but its installation requires the removal of the seats and the floor. Everything is connected with the Euro standards. At idle it heats up for a long time, in motion right on the fly. There is no handle for closing the trunk, the trunk mounts are arched, which limits the space in it. There is no rear seat tilt adjustment (but this seems to be the peculiarity of a sedan, just in Airtreke you could fold the seats back to the back and sit like in an airplane. Adjusting the radio volume is tedious, you have to turn it loudly several times. The default sound setting saves.

It will be uncomfortable for tall passengers in the back seat on bumps, because of the beauty, the place under the head of the rear passenger is lost.

How much does a Chevrolet Cruze cost?

For a used Chevrolet Cruze, the owners ask for an average of 404 thousand rubles. For 450 thousand, there was a copy of 2012 with an impressive mileage of 180 thousand km and a “pensioner” 1.6-liter engine:

The check showed other mileage data, which also turned out to be twisted:

The car also has unpaid fines,

Also, the car has unpaid fines, registration restrictions and calculation of repair work to restore the rear of the bumper. This is clearly not an option for us.

For 510 thousand rubles, a more recent Cruz with a 1.8-liter engine is given:

It also has limitations, the calculation of repair

He also has restrictions, the calculation of repairs and unpaid fines. In addition, he twice got into an accident:

Options with a bunch of problems do not suit us, better

Options with a heap of problems do not suit us, it is better to find a more worthy “clean” copy.


The interior has also changed significantly. The changes have affected finishing materials, so the car can almost be called premium. The company decided to use beautiful and pleasant leather, high-quality fabric, carbon fiber, a little wood and even metal edging of elements here. There are no straight lines at all. All elements are equipped with curves, smooth transitions and bevelled corners.

The interior of the Chevrolet Cruze 2021 does not have a large number of buttons, levers and so on. All the necessary functions can be activated and configured using the large 7- or 8-inch multimedia display, which is located in the central part of the dashboard. Around it, engineers placed several air ducts with a small set of keys that are responsible for adjusting the climate system and activating the alarm, “music” and so on.

The functionality of the steering wheel has changed. It is equipped with several buttons that allow you to quickly set up or activate important functions. It can be adjusted in 2 directions. Behind the wheel is a “tidy”, which is decorated with a 4.2-inch “board computer”. It displays various data about the vehicle. On the sides of it are habitually a speedometer and a tachometer. Pleased with the presence of a pleasant bluish light.

The seats are comfortable and allow you to make the trip by car comfortable in any scenario. The chairs are upholstered in leather. Inside there is a dense material that can change its shape and adapt to a person. On the front row there are many different adjustments, heating and even a massage function.

The second row can accommodate 3 people. Although the finishing materials here repeat the front, there are much fewer options for adjustments. Compared to the previous generation, the new 2nd generation Chevrolet Cruze received increased rear space and more. The luggage compartment has 450 liters of volume.


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