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Main differences

In the photo: we took this Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max crossover for a long test

In the spring, “Chinese cars” have already talked about major changes and differences novelties from the usual Tiggo 8 Pro. In appearance, there are very few of them: a new front bumper, a more massive grille, darkened taillights, four oval exhaust pipes and new nameplates. The crossover did not receive any special body colors, as was the case with the TXL Sport Edition. Perhaps for some this will be a disadvantage: visually, the all-wheel drive crossover does not differ much from the usual Tiggo 8 Pro, although the price difference is almost twofold (initially, the model could be bought for two million rubles).

But in the cabin there was a real revolution. There is practically nothing left of the usual 8 Pro. The steering wheel and two large screens in front of the driver are already familiar from Exeed models. In Chinese advertising materials, the diagonals of the screens are added up, resulting in a beautiful number of 24.6 inches. In fact, they are not seamless, the frames at the junction are visible. It’s good that the steering wheel did not get a chrome insert, the lower part is matte (like in the Exeed LX), so there will be no glare.

In the photo: the interior of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is strikingly from

In the photo: the interior of the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is very different from the front-wheel drive version of the model

Particularly pleased with the new graphics of the instrument panel. Finally, she had a classic look: with round dials for the speedometer and tachometer. Moreover, everything is done in white, which is not yet available even on the “Exides”. If this design seems boring, there are two more themes – “Comfort” and “Style”. It is not so easy to understand the dashboard readings with them, but it looks very original. The main multimedia screen is good, I talk about its settings and functions in detail in the video.

It’s nice to have quality Sony music, a soft front panel finish, and plenty of customization. But perhaps the main change is the new chairs. In the usual Tiggo 8 Pro, there were questions about the convenience of landing: the pillow is a bit short, the back is not very suitable for large drivers, despite a lot of settings. Now it is much more comfortable to sit, throws of the Voronezh-Moscow format are given without any fatigue.

But there are still a couple of remarks. Drivers with large growth may not have enough steering wheel adjustment for reach. Also, it would not be superfluous to add heating and ventilation to the seatbacks, while only the pillows have them.


seven places

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Unlike rivals, Tiggo 8 Pro is only seven-seater. The third row is only for pre-teenagers. But on the second row – expanse. But sitting is uncomfortable: the pillow is short, the hips hang in the air.

The front seats are also specific. Even with my slenderness, the side support rollers are too narrow. Electric drives and memory are provided. But the memory is strange: I could not program “my” setting, no matter how hard I tried. The editor-in-chief came: “Yes, you just don’t know how!” Yep, he failed too.

Tiggo 8 Pro virtual tidy resembles a glanceVirtual tidy Tiggo 8 Pro resembles the look of an owl. The display is large, information is small.Virtual tidy Tiggo 8 Pro resembles the look of an owl. The display is large, information is small.The angle of the car on the screen depends on howThe angle of the car on the screen depends on which side the turn signal is on.The angle of the car on the screen depends on which side the turn signal is on.The lift height of the fifth door can be adjusted.The lift height of the fifth door can be adjusted.

The lift height of the fifth door can be adjusted.

The interior is modern, the quality of the finishes is not an issue.The interior is modern, there are no questions about the quality of the finish, although this is a variation on the theme of the base Tiggo 8.The interior is modern, there are no questions about the quality of the finish, although this is a variation on the theme of the base Tiggo 8.

The salon looks great. Soft plastic is decorated with thread stitching, inserts for satin-finished aluminum are good, color schemes are well chosen.

under the hood

The next important difference between Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max is the power unit. It has a 2.0-litre supercharged petrol engine with 197 horsepower. This is a derated version of the engine, which is installed on cars of the premium sub-brand Exeed. Moderate power allows you to use 92nd gasoline without problems, which has a positive effect on the cost of operating Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max. The engine produces an impressive torque of 375 Nm. It is transmitted to the drive wheels by a seven-speed preselective robot with two wet clutches. The box designed by Getrag has been upgraded by Chinese engineers.

The interior of the new crossover

The interior of the new Chery Tig will surprise the buyer no less

The interior of the new Chery Tiggo 8 Pro will surprise the buyer no less. As already mentioned, the car will be designed for 7 seats, according to the formula 2 + 3 + 2. Initially, the manufacturer in every possible way argued that the basic and top-end configurations would differ little in terms of functional filling, but nevertheless, the company’s website already has information that shows the main differences in the cabin.

The differences will be significant between Chery Tigo 8 Pro for China, Europe and Russia. The front panel for the Chinese market will receive a solid long display consisting of two 12.3″ displays. They also play the role of multimedia and digital instrument panel.

For Russia and Europe Market Dashboard and Display

For the Russian and European market, the instrument panel and multimedia display will be separated, while the latter is made in the form of a tablet. There will also be differences between the trim levels of the Tiggo 8 Pro crossover for Russia. In the basic configuration, they will offer an analog dashboard with a 7″ on-board computer display, multimedia will be on a 10.25″ and 8″ touch screen climate control panel. If we talk about the top-end configuration of Chery Tigo 8 Pro, then here the buyer will be offered a fully digital instrument panel based on a 12.3″ display, the same 12.3″ display will be for the multimedia system, but for climate control there will be the same 8″ screen.

Regardless of the configuration of Tiggo 8 Pro, m

Regardless of the configuration of the Tiggo 8 Pro, multimedia will be based on two Android Auto and Apple CarPlay platforms, which is already becoming a standard for Chinese cars. On the pleasant side, it is also worth noting Bluetooth, voice control and other goodies, which are increasingly becoming standard. The crossover audio system received 8 speakers, but so far it remains a secret of which manufacturer the audio system will be.

There is no particular variety on the front panel of the new model, a multimedia display in the form of a tablet, a pair of air ducts a little lower and a full-width insert made of wood or polished aluminum.

More functionality located on the central tons

More functionality was placed on the central tunnel of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro. As already mentioned, at the very beginning there was a large 8″ touchscreen climate control display. It also implements the control of heating elements of the car (steering wheel, side mirrors, front and rear windows, heated and blown seats).

Below the tunnel is a small gearshift lever, with a parking button at the end. Closer to the driver, the designers have allocated a lot of space for the checkpoint indicator, as well as the engine start / stop button.

To the right of the gearshift lever are touch buttons for quick access to cameras, the choice of travel mode and the deactivation of the stabilization system. Nevertheless, for convenience, mechanical levers were left near the gearshift lever to control the temperature of the seats and the speed of the fans. The central tunnel ends with a pair of cup holders behind a hidden panel and a roomy armrest.

Now about the interior of Chery Tigo 8 Pro.  What already

Now about the interior of Chery Tigo 8 Pro. As mentioned above, the interior is designed for three rows of seats, according to the landing formula 2 + 3 + 2. The first row of seats, like the front panel, depends on the configuration. In any version, the driver’s seat comes with an electric drive, but the front passenger seat can be with a mechanical adjustment drive or with an electric one.

On the plus side, it is worth noting the high back with adjustable head restraints, good lateral support and a comfortable fit. The top versions also have memory for two settings, heating and blowing.

The second row of seats is made in the form of a sofa, calculated

The second row of seats is made in the form of a sofa, designed for three seats, and in all likelihood will be offered only in this form factor. Although it would be nice to offer two full-featured captain’s seats. If necessary, the second row can be folded in a 60/40 ratio.

According to the manufacturer, this will be quite enough for a convenient and quick boarding of third-row passengers. With all this, the folding mechanism will be only mechanical. As for the third row of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro seats, only two passengers can sit here. At the same time, the average physique or children, and even then not for long trips.

Not the last role in the interior design of Chery Tiggo

Not the last role in the interior design of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro was played by the skin. According to the company, it will be possible to choose between fabric or leather upholstery. The fabric will be offered in dark shades, but the skin can be either black or brown.

Yet, as for a Chinese car, there is plenty of free space. If necessary, the seats of the second and third rows can be folded, thereby obtaining a flat surface. The trunk of a crossover, as a rule, will be with a niche located closer to the rear. It is quite enough for a set of tools, a couple of small parts and other little things. Thus, there will be no unnecessary elements on the main part of the trunk.

Finally, there are races left in the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro salon.

Finally, in the cabin of Chery Tiggo 8 Pro, it remains to consider the driver’s seat. Depending on the configuration, the panel can be analog with a large on-board computer display or fully digital based on a 12.3″ display. The steering wheel is made according to the classics, an even circle, three spokes and leather trim. On the plus side, the presence of function buttons, height and reach adjustment, as well as paddle shifters for gear shifting. As an option, the driver is offered to install a head-up display behind the dash and add memory for several steering wheel settings.

Well, the interior of the new crossover Chery Tigo 8 Pro will be able to surprise not only with the presence of 7 seats, but also with a good set of functions. So far, the question remains how much the interior of the Chinese and European crossover will differ, as well as what will be lost or what will this model acquire new. Otherwise, even in the basic configuration, the new Tiggo 8 Pro will be able to please the buyer with multimedia, high-quality sound from the audio system and comfortable seats.

On the run

Test drive Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max on asphalt did not show any major differences from the front-wheel drive version. One has only to note the successful coordination of the engine and the robotic box.

But off-road capabilities of the all-wheel drive Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max have grown significantly. On slippery and loose surfaces, it rows confidently with all four wheels. The main thing is not to forget to turn off the stabilization system. But the patency of the new machine is limited by geometric indicators and completely defenseless units from below.

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