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This concept first arose in the distant seventeenth century. With his help, a clear rule of mnemonics was discovered, which makes it possible to form and further fix the basic principles of color compatibility.

The color circle allows you to combine the wardrobe according to the basic principles of color compatibility.

The circle of color combinations was created by the famous artist Johannes Itten. Its main goal is to maximize the convenience of using a scheme of possible shades that perfectly match each other. This is a kind of cheat sheet on the combination of tones, which is actively used in a variety of industries. All known shades are distributed according to the predominance and placed next to the shades that interact harmoniously. The tones are inscribed inside, starting with the basic and ending with the tertiary. We get different shades by combining the main colors of this palette. The main ones are: blue, scarlet, yellow. Johannes Itten’s circle has a sphere inside that completely covers the entire color spectrum.

Itten’s color circle helps to choose harmonious shades.